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Fight for justice, help Haitians, hundreds urged at Valley MLK event

I never said I was educated.
I am not sure if employers or providers would agree with your "shorthand" way of talking description. That sounds asssssssssssssssssssssinine. Is that spelled right?

I was making the point that black (and white) leaders should set better examples. Employers scoff at those who cannot speak correctly.

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Fight for justice, help Haitians, hundreds urged at Valley MLK event

“We need folk who will fight for justice. Who’s got next?”

Perhaps the Rev could learn correct grammar and set a better example for his predominantly black congregation. If you try and act and speak like a human being there are several opportunities available to you in this country. If you speak like an uneducated person, people will not afford you these particular oportunites because they believe you lack the basic brain waves to contribute.
Set a better example Rev.

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Are you planning to donate money to help in the Haiti recovery?

"Wow @ the ignorance of people saying how all the people in haiti need to die."

Please reference where you read this particular comment at in this article thread.
You didn't.

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Blame the Democrats for NAFTA

You dumb sh*t. I never said anything about NAFTA causing the problems today. I simply said Clinton signed it and he is the holder of any onus that may stem from it. I said the argument against that is a loser, but you immediately call me a loser, because that is all you know. Names, like a little kid who got teased too much. What did you do marry ugly? No substance, no understanding, just links to media websites and name calling when real facts are presented.

You don't understand much about anything because you wear blinders that are so one sided you really believe your team is the best. You obviously have no understanding of government, the economy, etc.
The jobs were leaving far before any tax breaks were offered (tax breaks voted in by tour team too, you stupid sh*t) because the trade deficit has been present for decades.

Please explain to me how doubling the national debt from "largest all-time" to "What the Hell?" will help us. Tell me. No links to any "media" outlets either. Show me you understand anything you whimper about. Bush this, Bush that. The last 8 years this. Obama can do no wrong. That's it. Simple drivel from a hack. Tell me how doubling the national debt in 3 months will help us. Tell me your grandiose story about how your team is so good and everybody else is stupid, lying, dirty, cheaters who don't love one another. Make up another cute moniker for me to amuse the few synapses you have. Tell me how slick willy was your demi-god and dubya is satan.
Most of all keep believing you are better than me, and call me names, make fun of what you don't comprehend, and keep the posts coming. You stupid ass.

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Blame the Democrats for NAFTA

"We will, indeed, have much room for free debate during
this controversy. That it is in our nation's best interest to ratify
and pass this treaty cannot be left to doubt. The person who is
leading the fight and who has marshaled support in both parties is the
person it is my pleasure to introduce now. The President of the
United States, Bill Clinton. (Applause.) "

- This is an excerpt from the gathering in the East Room of the White House, September 14, 1993. Clinton had 9 months to mull over this agreement before HE signed it. HE is the one who put ink to paper, not Carter, Ford, or Bush who were all present. To argue that he is not the main one at fault for the outcomes is a loser.

- As an aside, it doen't matter how long we give Obamam to fix the financial crisis. When you double the national debt, that already stood at an all time high, in your first four months, it is over. Plain and simple. There is no feasible way the US can ever climb out of what has been done. It would take decades upon decades to get back to even, and we don't have anywhere near the steam to do it. So b*tch about what happened the previous 8 years or what has happened in the last 9 months, it doesn't matter. The economic future of the US is poor to say the least. Anybody with any sense can see that.

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Governor shows leadership in handling budget crisis

“I believe this delay will have a minimal impact on the totality of the tax reforms, which have established Ohio’s tax rates as the lowest in the Midwest.”

- This is just a blatant lie. How do you print quotes like this and expect to be a creditworthy news source? Do some f-ing research on things before you just print a quote, by a politician of all people, and accept is as fact. Are you trying to report facts or just what you feel is "close enough". Your 2-bit journalistic methods may play well in the sticks, but most of us have functioning brains and see you for what your are:

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New rules required to prevent the flu

The administration should develop an indicator that shows the threat level of the H1N1 at any given time.
It is the same type of fear they are spreading, just for political reasons.

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Furry squatters about to lose their home

What the hell is so hateful about what I said? Survival of the fittest is how nature operates. Clearly these cats are doing ok on their own. They live in a shack, no humans, and they are still procreating. I don't have to justify the fact that cats can inherently and instinctively fend for themselves. They are predators. Nature cannot make that any clearer. They will certainly find their survival mechanism if they have to.

I never advocated killing anything, I just stated that it would be ludicrous to try and charge the county with animal cruelty and doubly ludicrous to go house by house and try and save these animals before they demolish anything.

You are the one who has hate obviously. You took everything I wrote and spun it into your own diatribe. You attack my intelligence and tell me I have no compassion. I did not write anything that wasn't based in logic.

In the real world we cannot just shell out money to save stray cats before we demolish a building. You see money is not infinite and runs out and right now the tax base is small and money is scarce. So I guess the county made an executive decison not to pay somebody to go house to house and remove the cats and give them a nice home. Instead they decided to spend the money on something more costructive like cleaning up a neighborhood covered in crack houses. And for this, you want them charged with animal cruelty. That seems abundantly logical...on whatever planet you reside.

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Furry squatters about to lose their home

I can certainly understand people's compassion for animals. I would not necessarily want to see the cats crushed either.
Having said that, to say the county should be charged with animal cruelty for every animal that is potentially harmed by this proposed demolition is blatantly absurd.
How can anyone determine if an animal is harmed? You want them to dig through the rubble looking for survivors?
You understand that cats are not stupid and when they hear big ass machines heading their way they will move, and if not, that is what Darwin wrote about.
Who is going to actually administer these charges against the county? The county? I can see it now: "Yes, you used federal money to clean up urban blight in your city, gave a local company some business, removed crack dens and eye sores that were bringing property values down, but you also killed a cat that did not choose to move before you knocked down the structure. The cats rights were abused and you are charged with cruelty."
Where am I, San Francisco? This demolition is absolutely necessary and if some animals get smoked, that's life. Think of how many human lives are being saved. To ask the county to go through the house before demolition and save the stray animals living in the house is absurd. The whole thought process is skewed. You people do not live in the real world plain and simple.
Cats are wild animals by nature. Survival is an instinct they are born with. They will be allright, you however, may not.

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Man pleads guilty to felonious assault in baby’s beating

My point is that they could/should have charged him with attempted murder. He plead guilty. Certainly the statute could be interpretted to charge him with that.

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