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EliotNess_DC (anonymous) says...


I see from your posts that you are deeply involved in Youngstown affairs.

If you have an opinion about this, I'd be curious to hear it:

Seduced by J.J. Cafaro, my backyard neighbor was collaterally damaged during the DOJ's attack on Traficant ... his house was broken into, his dog was killed, his children received death threat phone calls saying, for example, "Your daddy's going to be dead!", a goon brandishing a gun materialized in his back yard while he was on the phone with Capitol Hill (and his legal bills were $1.25 million).

Who do you think doneit? The Cafaros? or the DOJ?

I was shocked to hear a member of the Traficant family posit that it was the DOJ "because if J.J. was going to come after you, he'd tell you."

Here's a link to some of my neighbor's sworn testimony:

This guy is a 'boy scout' and a patent-holding test pilot who still holds a "Top Secret" security clearance.

I can vouch for the testimony's accuracy as I have seen the pry marks on the deck door, I knew the barky little Sheltie ("Turbo") who died of an apparent tasering after the break-in, I heard the terrified children talk about the threatening phone calls, I saw the police helicopter zoom over my yard enroute to site of the goon sighting, and I lived with the witness's family's terror over a period of years.

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