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SAD that you would make such harsh accusations about someone you know nothing about. She put up a freakin display and you are going to take blows on her about Welfare?!?! How do you even know if she is on it or not? AND DON'T YA THINK ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS? I mean really. I think you have closet emotions about yourself and are taking them out on someone else.


Do you really think that Niles has a bad property value? REALLY? Step into Warren (the bad parts) where there are vacant houses and KIDS RUNNING AROUND WITH JUST A DIAPER ON AND NO PARENT IN SIGHT. Then you can complain about the "property value". Get a napkin, you left a little BS on the side of your mouth that needs wiped off.


It is so sad that you have to go through this. If I were you, I would continue following thru with your freedom rights and not worry about anyone else or their "thoughts". If they don't want to look at it, they could just drive on by... the people that "care" so much are already knocing the town of Niles like its a warzone, so obviously they are going out of their way to even see your display. They must be unemployed with nothing better to do. Must be nice. I wonder if you put a cross outside at christmas time and had Jesus on it, if people would think that was "MORBID"... geez, you don't have to explain to anyone that you are a great parent, because I bet you do most of this FOR your kids WITH their help and they probably LOVE it.. and that is all that matters. I love seeing kids smile :) Hope all is well over that way... take care of yourself.

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This comment is for all "offended" readers and viewers. Forget about Halloween.. do you think that other religions are offended by Christmas lights? Do they call the city and complain because of the Christmas Lights being "untasteful". Since when is Halloween supposed to be pretty? The horror movies are Rated "R" because of the graphics and killing done, and cussing, and most of all sexual humor, NOT BABYDOLLS IN SOMEONES OWN YARD, and so that the people buying it are warned when seeing the front cover and take the necessary precautions. I don't think by ANY means that Krista is being Morbid, I think she is indulging in the celebration of a holiday. I live in Niles myself, and drive by this display everyday and laugh everytime I drive by it, and YES, I am a mother of 3 children, one that happens to be an infant, and I still see nothing wrong with this. I think it's pretty bad that the Law Director is "Searching" high and low for a broken about taking some of that time to search for the numerous little brats that are breaking into cars in Niles and vandalising to the point where I can't even put a pumpkin outside without it being smashed. I think there might be an ordinance for that one. Keep up the great work Krista, it really shows the crafty side of some of our residents :)

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