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3 shot, one dead, on South Avenue

Attis--many of us do not care about the life of a drug dealing thug scumbag. I for sure do not. Live by the sword, die by the sword. That little old white lady was guilty of NOTHING but being in the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed by some black lazy no Attis, it will never bother me when a black drug dealing scum is killed.....keep it coming!!!

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Canfield school board accepts resignations of bus drivers involved in accident

sotired......are you kidding me! Do you proof read your comments to hear what an a**hole you sound like....I don't even live in Canfield and you pi$$ed me off.....if your so tired, go to sleep and keep your mouth shut!

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Austintown to city: Justify water-rate hike

Lombardo quotes:

".....small, stupid township."

".....One can always tell who the intellectually-ignorant people are on this board."

How true your last comment is as it pertains directly to keep insulting people on here hiding behind your computer.....can't you provide your input and all your statistical information without insulting someone? Anyone from Austintown take offense to this? I'm sure Lombardo lives in a perfect community with zero problems......maybe except for him. J.O.

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Injured Hagan: City is still safe

Hey lombardo...just as I thought...your nothing but a loud mouth p*ssy. Run your mouth on your computer. Again your wise a** is wrong as I do not drink at all, but I have had enough of your worthless a**....have a good life...hope it's not long but I can guarantee if you had the balls to step away from your computer screen and run your mouth in public, it wouldn't...hope we meet in person one day my friend. You threaten to put me in the ground....should have done your homework that you "do so well" before making a statement like that....anytime I can buy you a diet Coke, let me know.

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Police arrest man at business

I used to live across the street from this piece of s**t when he was a teenager and a menace to society back then.......I was wondering how he turned out. Too bad he's still suckin air!

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Injured Hagan: City is still safe

no show---figures

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Injured Hagan: City is still safe

Lombardo...I'll be at BW's Federal Plaza around 8 tonight. I'll be wearing a orange and black Harley Davidson jacket. Can't miss me. Bring your shovel.

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Injured Hagan: City is still safe

Lombardo needs to make up his mind. Read the 2nd comment to this story then read the post below from a previous comment he made on July 31, 2009. Such a quick change of mind in a short time.....or just an Evinrude in a cesspool!

" No matter what any of you say, there is no disputing the fact that downtown is cleaner, safer, and more desirable than the south or east sides."

July 31, 2009 at 6:48 p.m.

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Injured Hagan: City is still safe

Lawmaking can be and is influenced by constituents like you lombardo who make their views know publically instead of b*itching about it on their computer or blaming on one political party...the last thing I need is a civics lesson from a j.o. like you!

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