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Man shot by city cop improves; chief hopes 3 probes end this week

"MVP", you're definitely on the right track.

One comment though...no one is ever "put into a position to overreact". When people are "put into a position", the reaction that occurs is entirely up to them and them alone.
OVERreaction is a mistake. Whether it is a lapse in judgment or in any way unintentional, it doesn't matter. Officers are trained to REACT not OVERREACT.
They are definitely in a position of authority and no one is disputing that fact. But let's face it (and not to be cliche) with such authority there also comes great responsibility. In my opinion, it is this that appears most in question regarding this case.

You are right...when this all comes out in the wash, we will find out who is at fault. My assumption based on the existing information is that BOTH are at fault. Trust the system and hope for the truth...regardless of what that may be.

To "Stan" (although I feel it is futile to respond), please try to read the whole post rather than stopping before the last line. I know the posts have been long and for that I echo MVP's apology, but try and stay with us.

The word you were looking for was "IRRESPONSIBLE".

Once again, IRRESPONSIBLE...not "Cool".

August 24, 2010 at 5:49 p.m. suggest removal

Man shot by city cop improves; chief hopes 3 probes end this week


You have certainly made your opinion clear in regards to what is stated in the police report. Unfortunately, this report is not considered factual information...just a piece of evidence at this point. It is simply the account of an officer on scene. There have been other accounts as well that are not covered within this article that refute the police report and have been briefly summarized in some other posts. Again, none of these are facts. I'm sure, very soon, some facts will be proven and others will not.
In regards to your opinions of teens and young adults in the community...I believe that you are being quite clear there as well. No one is disputing noise regulations or matters of state law in regards to under age drinking. Substance abuse has been present in our society as long as any of us can remember and there have been laws condemning it for almost as long. The fact that you appear to use a large brush to paint this demographic of youths is disconcerting and obviously unfair. Imagine, just for an instant, that not all of these young adults are what you think they are. Now imagine that Cory isn't either.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of some others, the actions of officer Chance sound quite remarkable in terms of dexterity. The account is truly phenomenal! It leaves the instant reaction that such feats of strength and physical prowess would be unbelievable and in most cases impossible. I just don't know if I can buy the story in its entirety as accounted by the Detective. What I do know, is that I would not wish to be present in a Use of Force seminar where officer Chance is the primary instructor. If the actions of Chance were truly required and just, then why did the altercation and dramatic chase end so quietly when Timmings was pulled over by other officers on Lake Park Drive?
I believe that another post summarized this as well when it was suggested that Chance could have recorded the vehicle information, called in the infraction and still had Timmings arrested on Lake Park Drive or somewhere nearby without any shots fired. This is what officers are taught to do. This is how they are trained. This is how they are expected to act and react. If laws were broken, Cory would have paid accordingly and in this scenario, no one would have been hurt.

Again to Lifes2Short:

You mentioned, "He could be the greatest guy in the world, but when you jeopardize yourself, innocent people, the police, his passenger, what would you call that?"

I agree...and the very same comment could be made in regards to officer Chance.
He could be the greatest officer in the organization, but when he jeopardized himself, any innocent bystanders, other officers, the passenger and Cory...by needlessly attempting to disable the vehicle and discharging his firearm in an unstable position...What would I call that?

In a word?


That's what I would call both of them in this situation.

August 24, 2010 at 11:41 a.m. suggest removal

Man shot by city cop improves; chief hopes 3 probes end this week

It always amazes me how the "holier than thou" critics out there forget what it was like to be a young man at the age of 18 trying to find your place in the world. These people are always the ones who only remember themselves as respectful model youngsters with a complete absence of character flaws or irresponsibility.

One thing that does not surprise me anymore is the manner in which police officers always manage to blindly band together in incidents of this nature. There is a time and place for this type of professional support and that occurs when you are on the job. When the shift is over and you are reading the tabloids, perhaps you should attempt to experience some objectivity from time to time.
The "Cory defenders" out there have tried to promote Cory as a "good kid" based on the fact that he has graduated a local high school. I agree that this is not enough of an accomplishment to pass a character judgement on the boy. However, I do believe that Cory is normally a responsible young adult. Whether or not he has made a poor judgement in this case will yet be determined and we should leave it at that.
What I find compelling however, is the fact that no one is really questioning the fact that officer Chance is said to have been on the hood of the vehicle...somehow simultaneously reaching for the ignition...and able to shoot Cory "IN THE BACK"! I'm sorry, but something just doesn't jive there! Either officer Chance is a close relative of Elastic Man, his past time is spent as an action movie stunt double or something is a little fishy about this side of the story. I'm really not sure how this all points to a face to face confrontation with someone ending up shot in the back?

Now before all you boys in blue out there and their wives start in on me, I would just like to say that I am a serviceman myself and would give my life in an instant for all of you Officer Chance's and Cory Timming's alike. My biggest beef is the one sidedness of the comments and the absolute innate refusal to look beyond the badge and try to be objective.

For all of you Cory supporters...I have also known Cory since birth and would trust the young man with my life. If he has made a mistake, it is definitely one that is uncharacteristic for a person of his aptitude.

August 23, 2010 at 6:45 p.m. suggest removal


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