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Officials: Dogs inhumanely killed at Ohio shelter

There is a special place reserved in Hell for those who are cruel to animals, children, and the elderly. I hope all of them find their way there.

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Highway patrol teams up with Youngstown Police Department on I-680

We travel the stretch of 680 from Midlothian to 80/76 every day. The speed limit changes at South Ave where the traffic becomes heavier and narrows from six lanes to four. The road becomes much curvier and while 50 is annoying, it is appropriate especially during rush hour traffic. The first commenter is right though, there is only one small warning sign on the side of an overpass.

Just give yourself enough time and obey the laws. Then you won't be paying ridiculous fines.

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SVSM holds off Poland for regional title

It isn't about whether or not private schools recruit. It isn't about the quality of the coach or the community. It isn't about the times when public schools win over private schools. It's about competitive balance and the incredible disparity between public and private schools and that the OHSAA poorly addresses the facts.

I saw this compilation of stats posted by an athletic director from a ITCL school:

"Total Public schools in OHSAA - 684 (83%)
Total Private schools in OHSAA - 136 (17%)
Last 14 years, # of Public State Champs - 251
Last 14 years, # of Private State Champs - 211
So that means out of 462 State Champs over the last 14 years, the 17% of the schools have won 46% of them. This doesn't even include an in-depth look at it if you were to take the amount of private schools who are in the sweet sixteen's, final four's, etc. (D3 this year alone, 9 of 16 were private and several of the publics that made it to the regional didn't have a private school in their district.)"

To me, this is the point that every person who is advocating for competitive balance is trying to make. The new competitive balance proposal (voting in May) has been announced by the OHSAA and it does not call for a separation of tournaments. It talks about assigning a multiplying factor to student athletes who enroll in a school (both private and public) after the seventh grade who do not live in the district or a come from a designated feeder school (for private schools).

OHSAA recognizes there is a disparity and they are attempting to address it. Is it enough?

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