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DeAngelis (anonymous) says...

I believe the tragedy of the death of Angeline Fimognari is that the Pastor of St. Domenic's didn't know her name. This is a community of God's followers. Shouldn't we at least know the names of the members of our community especially those who come to mass every morning? What can be done so that we really become a community of God's followers. How can the Pastor and fellow members have a closer relationship and at least know each others names. A few suggestions: Coffee and doughnuts after Mass. Invite the Pastor over for dinner. Dale Carnegie course in how to remember names. Angeline's tragic death should not be in vain. Peace be with you Angeline. You will be remembered and we will do what is necessary to really become a Community of God's People.

January 26, 2010 at 9:20 a.m. reply suggest removal



Boardman, Ohio