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Is court consolidation in Mahoning County imminent?

Oh this is a good solution. Ok attention everyone start obeying the law. Good idea.

As for plea bargains the systems costs would go through the roof without them.

Ok tugboat here is your ideas

1. Everyone start obeying the law
2. No plea bargains so "serious" cases also go to trial.
3. Lawyers don’t work hard enough.

You probably voted no on the tax and would not ever vote for it because nothing would satisfy you.

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Is court consolidation in Mahoning County imminent?


You will not "goad" me into this because of the late great Don Hanni. First the judges are good public servants. But the change must come from without and it will not happen from within. Having said that until and unless the Bar Association takes the lead not much can or will happen. It would be like changing a hospital without the input of the doctors. We do have a template and that is the common pleas court. There is one common pleas court in Mahoning County. Currently there are nine lower court judges in seven different locations. This with a dwindling population and an ever increasing scrutinizing public means we must think out of box and begin to show taxpayers we are willing to make the hard decisions.

All I know is that we have to do things differently the public demands it and our economic situations forces it upon us.

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Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 3 to end the hypocrisy


I do not believe "selling" our state constitutuion is the right thing to do. And a small query did dan gilbert tell labron what he would pay him or did the market dictate it? If you answered the latter then why should he get to tell us what he pays rather than what the market says? This is a bad proposal for the state and especially for our area.

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Betras passionate about defeating State Issue 3

Sky king here is a novel idea if you dislike it so much leave! We have outstanding local leaders lead by Tim Ryan and Jay Williams. We have by far the best cadre of leaders I have seen in a long time.

I agree with you the school district is a problem but the community needs to get more involved to fix this problem and somone needs to be held accountable for the problems with the schools.

We do not have the "highest" crime rate in the state as a region.

The most pressing problem is the school system. I suggest you examine the persons running for school board and see their ideas to fix it.

I hate taxes as much as you do and i also agree taxes are too high.

And for gosh sakes be more positive about our area it is a great place to live and raise a family.

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Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 3 to end the hypocrisy

Perhaps you have not heard me screaming that this is a bad plan for us. Ask youself how long will we have to wait for our money? What guarantees is there that whatever we recieve will not be taken out of another funding source? Why were our business blocked from developing a plan under issue three? We are giving state property to a monoply for two business dan gilbert and penn gaming. Is this fair? Is it right? Would we ever amend the US constitution for two businesses? This is not how to do this and the fact we were left out just amplifies this fact. These two will have a monoply to the exclusion of everyone else. They will have a lock on this business-is this how we do business in America? We were left out because this is a terrible plan. We are the decendants of immigrants. Many of whom came to the United States here with nothing but a dream and a strong work ethic. We do not need handouts from anyone we need an opportunity to develop our own jobs. We are not less of an area than any other. Defend our area fight for our right for jobs and fairness. I implore you to vote not on three.

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Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 3 to end the hypocrisy

they are promising us money how much exactly we do not know for sure. But if you know someone in public financing ask about a concept called residual budgeting.

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Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 3 to end the hypocrisy

i am not hard to find i will examine your issues

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Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 3 to end the hypocrisy

perfectly said. wished i could make that a 30 second commericial.

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There are none so blind as those ...

i totally agree with "the lost Patrol" it is time for everyone to tighten their belts

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