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Austintown police dog dies of cancer

Officer Coulter, I too am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved partner Conan. I pray for comfort for you and your family and I thank you and Conan for your service to others. May Conan rest in peace. I commend you for reaching out to Matt. I agree that he is entitled to his opinion, just as the rest of us are. I do feel he could have expressed his opinion in a more respectful manner. You are a true gentleman and I pray for comfort and healing. Rest in peace Conan and thank you for your service.

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Austintown police dog dies of cancer

Wow! Who peed in your lemonade? Your comment that "not one of us dreamers has what it takes to do what you do"....if that is supposed to be an insult you failed miserably! I thank God I am nothing like you! My family members who have served our country are nothing like Catholic faith has taught me to be nothing like you and my strong faith and devotion as an American to this country has made me proud to be nothing like you! You are a seriously angry and disturbed individual and I will pray for you, because you are in some serious need of prayer! How thankful I am that most people I know respect ALL life; whether human or animal! I feel sorry for you!

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