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State Route 46 businesses react to racino

I don't see a problem with prostitution. I mean men pretty much pay for sex any way whether its cash or dinner and drinks. one just cuts to the chase.

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State Route 46 businesses react to racino

i can't wait, i'm really good at slots. i'm gonna be rich.

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Ground troops are essential to fight ISIS — but not any from US, Obama proclaims

its amazing people still defend Obama after his biggest supporters have been getting as far away from him as possible.

Its easier to fool people than it is to convince them they've been fooled.

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Family protests proposed cell phone tower in Farmington Township

Come on guys this is for the benefit of the all at the inconvenience of the few. Isn't that what you libtards love?

Its not on their property, who are they to tell others what they can do with theirs.

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US District Judge Economus again blasts Ohio over voting

if you really want to vote early and 28 days isn't enough time, and its that important to you then you will find a way to do it. Truthfully i think elections should only be held on 1 day. And make that day a Holiday so that people will not have to worry about leaving work to vote. And of course still have absentee ballots.

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Dog shelter location ideal, Mahoning commissioner says

"The county hopes to raise at least half the renovation cost through private donations, with the county covering remaining costs. "

HAHA donations to the government. what a joke this County is. Aren't any Mahoning county/Youngstown residence sick of this BS.

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Women don't leave bad relationships because they think they can fix them

First time, its the attackers fault. Second time its also the Victims fault. Would you keep a dog that attacked you? if you did and he attacked you again its your own damn fault.

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Canfield students assess 'new' Youngstown

You can always put icing on a turd. Majority of young people go downtown just to get drunk and hope to get laid, nice culture.. Notice most all these new business serve beer? If not they're probably subsidized one way or the other.

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Social media tackles Weird Al, Super Bowl

I agree Dr. Earnheardt is a great writer and a great professor. I had him for communication when he first started at YSU. Very down to earth and and able to relate to students. Its good to see him as a department chair.

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Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

The Vindicator is a Liberal Rag. Obama is simply a weak leader. I have more respect for Putin than him. At least Putin Loves his country and embraces Patriotism rather than Dividing his people.

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