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A message from Don L. Hanni Jr.

Again thank you for the piece in todays paper. You portrayed as he truly was and you knew him well. all my best Heidi

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A message from Don L. Hanni Jr.

Dearest Bertram,
For the record once again you have it wrong. It was my fathers wish to have his calling hours in the Mahoning County Courthouse given that is where he spent a great deal of his time, also given the fact that our great uncle John Hanni was one who helped to build that Courthouse, just look at the tribute plaque on the right side of the Courthouse entrance.

I am the one who requested that my father be lied in state there as per his wish. I won't chastize you for your mistaken remarks because my father had a great respect for you even though he often referred to you as "Saboo the elephant rider" in jest.

This I will say, that if it wasn't for Don Hanni the Vindicator would be nothing more than the drab little paper it has become, my father gave you the news for which to sell your papers.

As for you Bertram, for as much of a hardnose as you like to portray youself, I know that you too had admiration and respect for my father. I along with my family don't think you are a piece of sh....t. In fact we thank you for being my fathers biggest critic. There are a few other things you were mistaken about. My father never drank rum and coke, you should know better than that, he was a scotch drinker and he loved his italian red wine.

I for one will miss him terribly, as you know he was my mentor, my teacher and my best friend. When I fell he forced me to stand on my own and he made me what I am and I'll miss him....the old man. Thank you Bertram, you and my father made the vindicator the voice of the valley. Respectfully, Heidi A. Hanni

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