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Saints go marchin’ on Steelers


I think you've gone out of your mind. Give the Browns credit.....upsets happen and it was just their day last week. If they played the Saints 10 times the Saints would win 8 of the games but last week the Browns rose up. The Saints are not going to blow a game when they are already behind Tampa and Atlanta in the standings. Even if they were in first place, they would be trying to win to keep the home field advantage for the playoffs. The same holds true for New England...why would they lose and possibly have the second best record in the AFC? If this happened, they would have to go on the road in the playoffs in the final round if the first seed was still in it. Like I said above, upsets happen and give the Browns credit for playing a good game last week. Just because the Steelers couldn't get it done does not mean you have to ridicule the Browns effort. Lastly, remember the Browns upsetting the Steelers last year? If the Steelers would have won that game they would have had enough wins to get into the playoffs as they went on a nice run at year end. Are you going to tell me that the Steelers let the Browns win? Of course not, upsets happen every week in the NFL and in college. Stick to talking about subjects like the city of Campbell and the city of are clueless when it comes to the NFL.

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Ravens rally, beat Steelers 17-14 in final minute

Speaking of choke, are you referring to your defense in the last two minutes or your field goal kicker? Later loser

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Browns hold off Bengals 23-20

How about a replay of the Ravens Steelers game from today? Take care Penguin to be up early for work tomorrow.....something you wouldn't know about as you are probably 30 years old, a college dropout, and still living with your parents.

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Browns hold off Bengals 23-20

Give it a rest Penguin Girl. When they lose you come on here and blast them. When they win you come on here and tell us that they never won a Super Bowl. I've got a question for you, if the Steelers had won championships in the 50's and 60's, would you count them? Of course you would, but since they didn't win any you choose not to. Green Bay is known as Titletown not because of three Super Bowl wins but because they probably have 10 championships when counting NFL championships and Super Bowls. The Browns have 4 NFL championships and numerous AAFC championships. You probably say the AAFC championships mean nothing......I would suggest doing some research and learning that when the Browns moved from the AAFC to the NFL, they won the championship in their first year thus they were probably better than the NFC champs before the Browns entered the NFL. Your Steelers lost today and you still shift the topic to the Browns-Bengals. Get a have a good team in Pittsburgh, quit being a pest to everyone else. Last year before the Browns-Steelers game in Cleveland, you came on here spouting off and later had to eat crow. Your boys will undoubtedly beat the Browns in two weeks as long as you can keep your QB away from sorority parties.

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Official: Campbell may have to shut down

I know many who were there and they all stated that the food was delicious. None of them got sick. Pay the caterer already and move on. I agree that if I were him, I would quit. He should concentrate on his business and forget about being mayor. The headaches are not worth $15K a year.

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Campbell official blames loss of tax revenue for financial crisis

I have no problem with him taking benefits. But to go around and telling people that he would forego his benefits to get a full time secretary, and then changing his mind is wrong. He owns a company and probably has a group plan for his employees. He and council should all forego their health insurance as they really don't deserve a plan being that the mayor's position and council positions are part time positions.

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Campbell official blames loss of tax revenue for financial crisis

Just a question: The mayor's job and council jobs are part time, correct? I don't know of many part time workers who receive a health plan like these guys get. The mayor at one time proposed cutting his and all of council's health insurance. For the good of the city, why doesn't the mayor and all of council give up their health insurance benefits? The mayor promised to give up his health insurance to fund a secretary but now receives health insurance. He should not make promises which he cannot keep. Secondly, start making these cuts sooner, not later or else the cuts at the end of summer will be more drastic.

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Official: Campbell may have to shut down


I stick by my people when someone makes an immature statement such as how a nationality smells, etc. However, Mike is perfectly within his right to not agree with the mayor's policies just as the mayor can disagree with Mike's view on things. Disagreeing is part of democracy....calling someone childish names is a whole different matter. Your last comment to Michael G93 was not warranted. Just an hard feelings.

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Official: Campbell may have to shut down

I can say one thing about Mike T. He is a very honest, educated, ethical man who is a great family man. He's never cheated anyone out of anything as he's always paid his bills. He's not one to gossip. He is an asset to the council. I don't know much about the other council persons, but Mike is as honest as they come. Mike T. is not sticking up for the mayor because he probably believes that the mayor's plans are foolish. One thing, though, there are some council members who have their own agendas and I wish they would be replaced (along with the mayor).

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Official: Campbell may have to shut down

To The Word,

Campbell is lucky to have the Greek-Americans. There are quite a few painting contractors whose companies make in excess of $1 million a year. $1 million a year generates $25K of tax for the city. These guys and their crew could easily afford to live somewhere else but decided to stay in Campbell. If these painting companies left the city, the tax base would erode even further. You can knock the Greeks all you want however their ancestors were studying philosophy, geometry, astronomy, etc. while many other civilizations were still living in trees.

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