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Pay for Pishkur produces protests

How could anyone in Administration at Forum ask 1 employee to take a concession in light of the incredible mismanagement by the Forum Board of Directors? You don't hear one word from One Board Member because their fellow Forum Board Member Mr. Pishkur made a Fool out of All of them..and they know it! This Ship of Fools is sinking. We can only pray that Judge Woods has enough common sense to stop this Nonsense..NOW!

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

The Forum Board of Directors are at fault for all of the poor business decisions over the past decade..including giving Buzz an employment contract instead of hiring him on a per diem basis until a new CEO was retained. Remember! Buzz is receiving a 6 Figure Pension from Aqua Ohio, in addition to his $9,000 a week from Forum. Were the Forum Board members dumb enough to think that Buzz had other job opportunities? Forum Board Members you got Scammed and Buzzed. Not one comment from One Board Member? That SAYS it all my friends.

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Forum seeks pay for Pishkur

CCADTI you are brilliant. The new name for Forum Health is in honor of Buzz...."ForhimWealth" The last "scam" this good was when the Pigeon man came to town and told the County Commissioners he could rid the County Courthouse of the Pigeons by exposing them to his magic black box. He climbed to the roof of the courthouse, opened the magic box....and then quickly left town with his $5000 payment. Well! The Pigeons are not only still crapping on the Courthouse, now they have reached "ForhimWealth." This is Pigeon Crap!

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Forum seeks pay for Pishkur

I quote: "the motion said that Forum wants to be secure in the knowledge that Pishkur won' t divulge inside information about the organization or seek employment with a competitor." Earth to Forum Board.....Nobody but you would ever be stupid enough to hire a Basketball Referee for $9,000 a week. He is currently paid about $90 for a 2 hour basketball game....for the members of the Forum Board who need help...that's $ 45 an hour. Are you telling us that you didn't originally hire Mr. Pishkur on an as needed, per diem basis? Brilliant!

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

Great Post Jeff Warren . More Bad News! Pay attention to the magistrate who hears this pay request. Would you be surprised if you heard it was one of Mr. Pishkur's golfing buddies from Youngstown Country Club. I agree with you about firing Forum's Board NOW. Remember, it was this Board that hired their fellow Board member with NO HEALTH CARE EXPERIENCE. This Board agreed to pay a Water Salesman with Basketball Referee experience more than $ 800,000.00 a year to fix the hospital they (and He) led into bankruptcy.

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

Dear CompMan, are you saying that former Mr. Forum Health Board Member...with No Health Care experience or education...who previously volunteered on the Forum Board with NO Compensation...Would SUE Forum Health for being Terminated? Surely you jest! You say he is going to be paid for "further needed services..." What would they "need" Mr. Pishkur for, they just terminated his because they had "No Confidence" in his lack of ability to run a hospital system. Are both you and the Business Journal attempting to justify giving this man $ 9000 a week?

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

Where are the Leaders of the Nurse's Union? Where are the Leaders of the SEIU ? Their Silence on this Rape of Forum Health is sad at best. When North Side Hospital is closed because there is no more money to pillage, it will be too late to protest. Enjoy you unemployment and 60% pension cut from the PBGC. Was that Buzz I just saw walking down the street singing " Money..Money..Money !"

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

Congratulations to the Vindicator for uncovering this minor detail hidden in the Bankruptcy filings. I can't stress this point enough: Less than 6 months ago, Mr. $ 9,000 a week Pishkur......was serving as an UNPAID, VOLUNTEER, Forum Health Board Member. Where he further VOLUNTEERED HIS EXPERT ADVICE FOR FREE AS A MEMBER OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. I again suggest that he be Re-Appointed to his position on the Forum Health Board of Directors, allowing the Hospital to benefit from his expert advice for FREE. Forum could get for Free what they want to pay $450K for.

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

Thanks Search 4. I've got a better suggestion for the Bankruptcy Court. Re-appoint Mr. Pishkur to his VOLUNEEER POSITION ON THE FORUM BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND MAKE HIM CHAIRMAN OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE AGAIN. Then the new Hospital Administrator can get Mr. Pishkurs expert advice for Nothing!...Free! in $0. Then take the $450K you'll save and use it to pay for the Nurses and Doctors who do the Real Work at Forum Health.

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

Allow me to humbly correct Search4Answers. Pishkur shares responsibility for Forum's financial failures because he is a long-standing member of the Finance Committee of Forum Health's Board of Directors. What was he doing when that same Board was approving of more and more Debt for Forum? Sleeping? Remember ! Forum's immense Debt is the Main Reason the hospital is struggling for survival, Not the Nurse's contract.

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