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Car dealer seeks help to save his business

Boardman - your comments regarding making sense elude me. How can you regard keeping 54 people employed a waste of money? I believe you lack empathy for your fellow man - shameful indeed. Frederick's has been a viable business in this community for 50 years. Please note the word VIABLE. Every business that closes in this community presents further deterioriation of this community in one form or other. Tax base, empty buildings, unemployment, social security - you name it - the list could go on. We need to join forces and do everything we can to keep the businesses we have. It's in all of our best interests to do so.

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Chrysler dealer asks Boardman trustees to save his dealership

I don't believe the Frederick's are asking for monetary handouts from the trustees - they are simply asking for support in their quest to SAVE their business. This is how our democratic system works. You people are forgetting the tax dollars generated by the Frederick family and how it benefits everyone in this township. I stand behind the Frederick's grassroots effort. I have great empathy for the 54 people losing their jobs. Shame on you all for not feeling the same way.

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