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Brookfield man admits raping, beating stepson, 8

You learn things over 6 months. I still have no anomosity against Zach! He is an 8 yr old boy and has seen too much already in his short life. I still believe Zach to be a wonderful boy! He is not responsible for the mess he has been put in the middle of!

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Brookfield man admits raping, beating stepson, 8

You all who have convicted Damion before he ever took this abhorent plea- his attorney acted more like a DA than a public defender! A few facts that were left out: Damion admits to punishing Zachary BUT not too the extent that has been shown and photographed and printed. He absolutely committed NO RAPE. Zacharey had a bicycly accident just prior to these charges which accounts for some of the marks. This "baseball bat" was a souvenir bat about 18" long and 1" around. Although Zachary claims the injuries were from getting his arms shut in a shed door!!?? There are more inconsistency's in this case than you can shake an 18" bat at!! Celinda's last boyfriend had the same - listen now - the same charges brought against him by Zachary. Did attorney Madovich think this worth looking into?? He said "what do you want me to do about it?" Incompetent attorney is putting it mildly!! The wrong person is sitting in jail. The stripper / drug addict walks free to have more charges brought against individuals by her children while my son who not totally innocent does not deserve 1/10 of the sentence he received. As a Mental Health Counselor I know Damion should be probated to a Mental Health facility where he can get the help he needs. So yea jocko the "bastards father" is nowhere near done with this injustice!! Ohio Is in the dark ages! Lets reward the victim's testimony with lots and lots of brand new toys and take him to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers, get autographs and get treated like a star. I tell ya - I would have sat in court and said my stepfather did this and that if I could have met the Steelers! In Pennsylvania we know that is the worst thing you can do to the victim for he will say anything for the attention!! It is ridiculous and all you Ohio knumbskulls are just as bad!!

Craig Wise ("The Bastards Father!!!!"

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