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Democratic Club announces endorsements

Good for them. Gains and Pishkur will get my vote.

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Chaney girl arrested after conflict with officer

This is typical thanks to Webb I hope the new Board members have the guts to fire her soon.

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Mr. Conglose, be careful. The public could get insulted

There are plenty of people in this community that would love to have $41,000.00 a year as a FULL time salary let alone all of the other money and perks that this PIG is crying about not getting automatically. I am a public employee and ashamed of the Conglose matter because the public is given to believe that we are all like Conglopig. Well we aren't and if Williams still entends to give this plum to Conglose I will not vote for him again.

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Party endorsement draws a blank stare

What Party? It died years ago Morley,Engler amd Antonini killed it with Sonny Smith's money.

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A political bloodbath this year? Hardly

Unlike Mr. Ungaro I have no respect for Mr. deSouza as he has a track record of being able to pitch but he sure can't catch.

If you read the letter that was posted under the Heidi Hanni thread on from her brother Don Hanni III you will soon understand. The letter was sent to the Letters to the Editor but I am sure Mr. deSouza made sure that it wasn't published.He apparently didn't want to revisit his DUI conviction so that he can maintain his "above it all" posture.

Most people that are political "junkies" like myself and read his column put Bert's rantings in the the bird cage when finished (picture side up).

To slight Ungaro and Lyden in the manner this last column did along with the shots at the Hanni family simply tells me who Mr. deSouza will be supporting in this primary. That however means far less now that his pals Morley and Engler have proved to all what they are really about right Bert?

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