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What were young voters thinking?

It is Obama who infers he is not tied to Wall Street and the 1%(yet Goldman Sachs has donated more money to Obama than any other candidate and Obama has hobnobbed repeatedly with numerous rich Hollywood stars), it is Obama who defended building of the Ground Zero Mosque, it is Obama who first said he could not “disown his pastor” of 20 years(Reverend Wright) and then disowned him when it was politically expedient, it is Obama who was taught by Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis(as he himself admits in his book), it is Obama who promised African Americans prosperity (unemployment for African Americans is at 14%), it is Obama who forced the Catholic Church to cover contraception and abortion, it is Obama who said he wouldn’t tax the middle class (yet his health law imposes a tax on people if they don’t buy health insurance and makes it harder for people to deduct medical expenses), it is Obama who promised the Bush tax cuts for people over $250,000.00 would be gone (yet Obama himself extended the Bush tax cuts for “the rich”), it is Obama who said his Cairo speech would make the Muslim world love us, it is Obama who stood idly by while the Iranian protesters were crushed, it is Obama who promised lower gas prices, it is Obama who promised unemployment would be 5% by now(the “stimulus” bill was sold by him as the cure all for unemployment), it is Obama who promised us Gitmo would be closed(Gitmo is still open), it is Obama who started a war in Libya, it is Obama who helped nudge Mubarak out of office in Egypt leading to a Muslim Brotherhood takeover, it is Obama who promised us he would reduce the deficit(it has grown by $5 trillion under him), it is Obama who promised Jewish people greater prosperity, it is Obama who promised to make the US less reliant on foreign oil(yet Obama opposes the Keystone pipeline and restricts offshore drilling and is pushing for the US to sign the Law of the Sea Treaty which would require the US to give away half of its offshore oil revenues to an international body), it is Obama who promised Hispanics immigration reform(yet when he had total control of the Congress he was silent on immigration), it is Obama who promised he would get tough on China(the US owes more money to China now than ever before), it is Obama who hailed his vice president as outstanding(Biden is a joke), it is Obama who promised Jews he would support Israel, it is Obama who promised a “new era of civility”, it is Obama who claimed the assassination of our Libyan ambassador was the result of a “spontaneous” protest even though it occurred on 9/11 and even though his administration knew within 24 hours that it was a preplanned terrorist attack, and it is Obama who promised he would bring this country together and unify us in a way we have never been unified before(America is now more divided than ever except perhaps in the Civil War). The above facts are the truth and record we must confront.

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