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City cops want residents to arm themselves with radar guns

Wow I am amazed at how confused of a society we are! There was a case in Washington DC where the police were called by residents who were in danger of being raped. The law enforcement ignored the call and the women were brutally raped. Supreme court found that it is not LEO's responsibility to respond to every single call... Bottom line according to a supreme court ruling LEO's do not have to respond to a single call. The idiotic part of this article in on behalf of the citizens of Youngstown. Here LEO is willing to work with the citizens of Youngstown you all can do nothing but bitch about it.... Good one Youngstown!!

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Property taxes rise because of new levies

P.S. can we legally challenge this as taxation without representation? I mean our home values have fallen and our property taxes are rising... I am going to look into this! Anyone else game?

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Property taxes rise because of new levies

I pay over 1200$ in propertaxes. I pay the highest taxes in this neighborhood! Youngstown also withholds over 1700$ from my paycheck. My street hasnt' been paved in over 30 years and it looks like a mine field. Our police force is so corrupt that the state boys have to pick up the slack, and our elected officials aren't doing anything to reduce the tax burden to businesses. If my taxes go up so much as a dollar.... I will short sale my underwater mortgage, pay the difference and move out. Then Youngstown will loose my property taxes, my income taxes, and my sales tax revenue.

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Valley needs Ryan in Congress

P.S. In reference to the wonderful health care plan check out CAMC in Charleston West Virginia. They are cutting 40,000,000$ from their budget starting January 1 of 2011. Read the details on that and tell me how good this new health care legislation really is!

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Valley needs Ryan in Congress

Ryan is a waste of our tax paying dollars. He secured a grant for the "Shot Sensor Detectors" that were supposed to reduce crime and help solve investigations. 590,000$ of our tax dollars and name one crime that it has helped to solve.... Anyone??? This valley does not need anymore wasteful spending like that! Remember who has been in charge for the last x-amount of years! If you like the direction of this valley then continue to vote people like Ryan into power. If you do not like what we see in this valley, vote in someone else! Simple as that!

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Law isn’t well suited to protect people from being offended

Why are our feelings so fragile? Here is the wonderful part of free speech, if you don't like it go on down the road!

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Youngstown police seek details in homicide case

Ytowngirl, if you lay in a bed of thorns you will get stuck! I cannot say that I am surpised at the outcome of Andre's life but it is a shame that parents are failing to break the cycle of crime. Best of wished to Andre's family!

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Officials mull demolishing Austintown Middle School

If the board was smart they would auction that property off at a loss just to get away from the environmental nightmare that it poses!

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Confronting crime

IBuck I agree completely with your posting. I often associate with most of the neighbors on the west side. If we see something out of the ordinary we will not hesitate to inform LEO of any suspicious situation. The best way to deter crime is to be involved in our communities and be resilient against crime! My fiancee and myself are constantly picking up trash from the streets, asking how our neighbors are doing, and staying involved with our neighborhood. Worst case senario I hope that me nor my fiancee are never confronted with a violent attack because we both have very good aim!

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More than 70 cats taken from Cat Ladies Society

I spoke with the Animal Charity today and a lady stated that over 70% of the cats siezed were ill. My question is if the Animal Chairty is euthanizing the evidence then what if left to prosecute? All of those cats are evidence! How wierd that the same organization who is rail roading this fiasco is euthanizing the cats. I find it hard to believe that the Animal Charity's motivations did not have anything to do with the fact that there was a new competitor in town taking up donations! Now, Animal Charity's pockets are getting lighter, they are providing the medical examinations, and deciding what cats are sick or healthy. Animal Charity needs investigated!

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