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Mooney parents avoid charges in football fete

Ok, so this is a very very special case, and the parents deserve a medal for taking "full" responsibility with no consequences - Janet Reno style. But was it worth it for this Prosecutor to never again be able to enforce the law against providing alcohol to minors? All anyone has to do from now on is just say "Hey, we're only using it to celebrate" Or does that just go for the people who can afford the expensive kind?

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Mooney parents avoid charges in football fete

And, by the way, do people really think the drug situation at other schools is any different at Mooney? The difference is that the other schools conduct searches. Mooney doesn't.

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Mooney parents avoid charges in football fete

If the Mooney people really can't understand the news making difference between parents and staff providing (and defending) contraband at a high school, and incidents at other schools where contraband has been discovered, then I guess that's an explanation for how the parents and staff could really have been that dumb in the first place. The mind set that all this is caused because of jealousy of Mooney's status/accomplishment will guarantee their offspring will be as mentally undeveloped as their elders.

Mooney's misguided attempt to sanitize this situation by passing it through a farcial public "investigation" may be saving some faculty jobs, but has only provided more entertainment with this nonsense about the alcohol only being used for "celebratory" purposes, a phrase that apparently seemed handy to these clowns from the use of alcohol for sacramental purposes. A huge mess that could have been answered by a simple admission and a deserved firing.

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Mooney parents avoid charges in football fete

This school is very fortunate that the current story is so muted. It could have been headlined: Investigation finds alcohol use was :celebratory only," Donations made, faculty off the hook.

And where did the donations go? Not to the taxpayers who footed the "investigation".

After all this, you'd think the diocese would give that principal a prepared script, but his new statements just keep this farce going strong. "the cigars and champagne were used for celebratory purposes only." That's a statement we should all file away for future use. "No cups were found" - meaning it's a good thing they just passed the bottles. "Four parents took full reponsibility" - meaning, twe managed to keep the faculty off the hook and control that damage. So, if they could pull this deal off, why can't they control this guy's statements?

For the people who think this story is over-hyped and question the difference in coverage between this and contraband found at other schools, here are the facts: Contraband at schools is not news, unfortunately. Parents providing it in a school setting is big news. When a principal excuses it, it's an ever bigger story. When faculty is involved as well, it's a front page story.

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Mooney investigation to take up to 2 weeks

Yes, but at least we can be grateful they won and didn't lose. Can you imagine the behavioral fallout there? After the endless rallies and hopes had been whipped up to optimistic preparations such as the laying in of celebratory treats? I do have to admit, that despite whatever incompetent judgement put certain people in charge at certain levels - which must have had something to do with football considerations of course, and whatever made the football family feel supported; that at the upper administrative level, the diocese is making all the right moves to get the story to go away and doing everything they can to counterbalance the principal's newsmaker that he intended to do nothing. Its a shame it has gone this far, but that's what happens when competency isn't valued.

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Mooney investigation to take up to 2 weeks

to jbullfrog: when you say "I have no problem with parents giving it to their kids at home" you may have hit onto the only possible explanation for all this stupidity. Quite possibly those Mooney parents and staff think of the school as home, and everyone there as "Mooney family", or in other words are truly stuck in their senior year, because life afterward turned out not to be one prep rally after another "honoring" their football participation, whatever it may have been, if not as an overly indulged player, than at least a loyal appreciative fan. Can we really hold them to the standards of fully functioning adults, these Mooney loyalists orphaned by graduation?

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Mooney investigation to take up to 2 weeks

to classy card re Boardman lockers: Can you not process the fact that what made this story hit the wires was the provision, participation and approval by parents, staff and administration?? If that Mooney principal would have answered intelligently "we'll deal with it according to our no tolerance rules" it wouldn't have been a story. Like the Boardman lockers werent a story, because everyone knows this stuff goes on, unfortunately, everywhere. What makes this news is that it was provided, tolerated, and even encouraged, and even excused by the parents, staff and administration.

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Mooney investigation to take up to 2 weeks

I'm not excusing the kids, but it wasn't just anyone handing this stuff out and participating. You're missing the point here. The irony is that most of these kids would know better if another kid had brought the stuff to school and handed it out - or at the very least they would have not been filmed with it, for example. But in what circumstance would you reasonably expect kids - high school boys, yet - to say no to parents and staff handing this stuff out and using it themselves? Thats a bit much, and that's what happened. Then to top it off, a principal, who has this job for god knows what reason, should at the very least be shielded from any contact whatsoever from reporters, then makes the lack of judgment at the top crystal clear to a reporter. This story hit the wires because of those comments, which no surprise, turned the spotlight on parental and staff involvement. Those comments made it obvious it went way beyond a kid thing, and that not only were the parents involved, the staff didn't know any better themselves.

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Mooney investigation to take up to 2 weeks

Single parent moms, my foot! This had nothing to do with any kind of moms. From the hype and hysteria leading up to this game (or really, any game at Cardinal Mooney) to the encouragements and approvals (and participation) of the administrative and coaching staff, to the idiot parents who have to relive their Mooney days, this outcome was practically a given. That it continues to be a news story is due solely to the comments by the principal, who although he felt it was excusable to simply say he had "explained to the parents it was wrong", didn't actually know any better himself. He can't tell the difference between talking to a reporter and talking to his "Mooney family". This after-game celebration by the kids wouldn't have been any different than what goes on with kids anywhere, had the parents and school staff had better judgement, but that would have required some basic intelligence. Maybe the kids should have known better than the adults who surrounded them, but in what perfect world? Every signal they were getting (and being provided with cigars and alcohol is a pretty powerful one) was that it was A-OK to consider this win the most powerful thing in their lives and that it was A-OK to with everyone from parents, to coaches to the principal to act just like the adults were acting and it was all considered "celebrating".

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Reports of alcohol at Mooney probed

What does that even mean: We Mooney people are so sick of hearing "Oh you went to Mooney"??? Why don't the Mooney people do something only they can do? Take the no smoking, no alcohol rules off your own books? Doesn't seem like there would be much objection from the top on down to as low as it goes with folks like yourself. Then when you're asked if the rules are enforced, you can just say "what rules"? Sounds better than saying they don't count for some.

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