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Probation hearing for Sheriff Altiere's son reset to March

Unfortunately, a parent's child can stray away from the core values and principles from which they were raised - it happens every day. However, one has to question this parent's principles of honesty and integrity. His facebook page has been posting blatant false claims of various endorsemens that in fact were NEVER given. These include endorsements from the AFSCME Unions and others. And most recently, he claims to have received the endorsement of the AIRLINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION - another false claim. In fact, it took FOUR (4) separate posts to his facebook page by a very reputable, current DUES PAYING member of the union, before those claims were removed. Just Google JimPhillips4Sheriff and see why the time has come for Trumbull County to welcome a new Sheriff to town, one whose principles are based on HONESTY, INTEGRITY and PROFESSIONALISM.

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Altiere seeks ‘one more term’ as Trumbull County sheriff

For anyone that cares to make an informed decision, please Google James R. Phillips for Sheriff and learn why Jim is clearly the best choice to be our next sheriff, period.

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Altiere’s challenger sees morale trouble

So Altiere believe's there isn't a morale problem? I guess he hasn't noticed that there has been a history of problems with those he hires and just in the last month, one of his highest ranking employees left. And he offers, the UNION wouldn't allow him to run a more efficient and equitable operation?

The 18-year incumbent Trumbull County Sheriff Thomas Altiere has no message and really no accomplishments during his tenure other than using county property for personal business.

Just go to the Trumbull County Sheriff's web site and click on the link "Sheriff's Message" and be prepared . . . . How long has he been in office? Lisa, I'm sure its not your fault.

If there are any thinking citizens out there in Trumbull County that care to do a little home work and learn about the differences between Altiere and Phillips, just Google James R. Phillips for Sheriff and also be prepared . . .

And Vindicator, you too would have done well to so some home work on Jim's web site rather than blindly giving your endorsement to the incumbent.

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