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McCain picks Palin: AP

This comment board is EXACTLY what the next 4 years will be like is Obama is put in office. Racism, hatred,control, power, black vs. white, absolute diversity in many shapes and forms. Everything else will always be on a back burner and we (all Americans) will never be any furhter than where we are today. God help us!

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Will Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s selection as GOP vice president make you more likely or less likely to vote for U.S. Sen. John McCain for president?

McCain and Palin get my families vote as well. It will be a pleasure to watch her kick a few greedy lawyers in their backsides!

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Sick-leave measure off ballot in Ohio

Yes it was good news and Strickland now faces his last term in office. This was actually political suicide for the man. There are a heck of a lot more underpaid employees and families struggling to survive in Ohio then there are Cheap skate Business owners that only want to spend money to donate to his campaign fund. Man did he lose a ton of votes!

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Escapees smashed lock on door

what you are reading isn't exactly what happened but you know how news reports are and everyone has to have their two cents thrown in there with their comments in the news report

that confusion about the escapes. the jail is divided into different wings. Maximum and minimum security. I know it does confuse many to read this article. The 4 that esccaped actually escaped from the Maximum security wing and it was the first time it had ever happened. The other guy that escaped was in the minimun security holding area. that is what they are trying to portray regarding the escapes. now before I get slaughtered for that opinion.. I KNOW it's stupid on their parts, it's all still under one jail but it's how they look at it.

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Legislators: Fireworks law ‘makes liars out of all of us’

That 29 page report was interesting. It covered the entire nation. Out of the millions and millions of people across the US, that was the statistics of injuries? 10,800? Interesting fact is that is a relatively low number. That 29 page report also includes injuries to those that run Professional display and public viewing injuries those like cities that can override state laws with permits.

A point to ponder...if more states are enacting laws against fireworks, then why are the injuries growing?

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COLUMBIANA Health commissioner

Repaid thousands of dollars? Got to love it. Only in Columbiana county can you steal, get caught and then just simply pay it back! Isn't stealing... STEALING, like against the law? Paying it back? Isn't that like admitting you did it? I need to remember this when I steal a loaf of bread from a store and when I get caught I will just pay it back. How hilarious can this get?

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