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2 Vienna officers resign after money probe

It's nice to know that everyone directs the blame to Chief Darbey. When in all reality there was nothing he could do to prevent this situation. You all say there's lack of direction and leadership, no one mus recall when Ovesny was chief and you couldn't even get him to show up to work let a lone run a department. If it wasn't for Darbey the police department wouldn't be the way it is now. Before it was all screwed up. And the residents who are blaming him are also the same residents who want the police department to sit outside there house and baby sit there neighbors because you think there running drugs outta there. So you get mad at Darbey when he says your crazy so you go to the sheriffs office and they too tell you your crazy. And they allow guys like that on the school board? And they say the police departments messed up ha

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