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A sequel to the film classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” is in the works. Do you think that is a good idea?

A Wonderful Life is a classic, leave it alone. Look at other movie sequels that never lived up to their original, Caddyshack, Smokey and the Bandit, Grease,

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Anti-fracking measure on Nov. ballot

You have the right to petition not to have frackig so apparently you don'.t mind relying on countres that despise the US to purchase our oil from. Areas that don't allow fracking should have to pay a penalty tax for their gas to offset cost of fracking in other areas. Wait, your already complaining about high gas prices, due to the cost of importing oil.

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Survivor of drowning crash that killed 6 indicted twice this week

Sure glad gun control is working. I guess I'll just have to buy large magazines off the street, the crooks do.

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President earned another term

swhite you are correct on some of your listings but let's look at others. #13, if he improved America's image abroad then why have there been more travel warnings than any other time in U.S. history? #35, yes he let the space shuttle program die and now we pay $50 million dollars per astronaut to go to the space station and we are #3 in space exploration now behind China and Russia. I could go on with others but then I didn't see in your post where unemployment is still at 8%, national deficit is highest it's ever been, records set for number of people on welfare and food stamps. If you were getting a free ride on food and medical would you vote against Mr. Obama? I sure wouldn't but then I have to work my behind off so my taxes pay for these programs. Last election, 90% of blacks voted for Mr. Obama, This year estimates are 70% of latinos will vote for him and if you look what two ethnic groups have the highest number of people on welfare and food stamps you'll see why they are voting for him. And we won't even get into him bowing to other foreign leaders or telling Putin (when he didn't know he was being heard) to wait until after this election, for what to sell us out some more? If Mr. Obama is reelected, God help our future generations. Oh wait, I probably can't say God anymore as someone will be offended.

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Two Mooney teens’ bodies found at cemetery

My thoughts and prayers go out to the two families involved in this tragedy and also to all those associated with Cardinal Mooney. Only those who are students, parents, or alumni of Cardinal Mooney know how close this school is. The rollercoaster ride this group is on with the winning the state football championship one day and losing two members of the school the next, it's just hard to imagine. To those posting on this site please be considerate of those who are fighting with this tragedy. Hopefully in the next few weeks more will be understood.

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