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Comment history

Libraries say they’d suffer from governor’s budget cuts

I go to the library for the pleasure of reading and they have great activities for the kids too.
It's hard to teach a love of reading to children if you're having them constantly be on a computer, looking at that screen puts quite a strain on the eyes also.
I hope they don't have to close them, but I mostly go to the main branch or the Austintown one(though it is SO CENSORED) so I would still frequent the libraries anyway.

And people DO go to the libraries, I've actually had difficulties finding parking when I've gone recently. They're not all dirtbags either, Grammar Patrol.

June 22, 2009 at 6:47 p.m. suggest removal

Bible trumps a festival

Why don't you and your friends have a "Prudish-Bigot Pride Festival"?

If you don't like it, don't do it.
And WHO is supposed to be the judge in your religion?

One last thing: Quit analogizing homosexuals to pedophiles and adulterers, since statistically speaking most pedophiles and adulterers(as well as those desiring group marriages) are in the Christian/Heterosexual demographic.

June 14, 2009 at 9:36 a.m. suggest removal

Should same-sex marriages be legalized in all 50 states?


No, I don't like YOUR parameters.
And I know not everyone is stupid.
But I wouldn't call blindly following the word of a supposed god from a book written by man "intelligent."

You're the type to make agnostics, atheists, etc. REALLY dislike Christians. Shoot, I bet plenty of other Christians dislike you.
I know they're not allll like you...at least I keep telling myself that.

Enjoy your life here on the Vindy boards, it's seems to be your primary(only) source of entertainment.
I think by now, everyone knows your views.
Do you have ANYTHING new to bring to the table?
Or are you just going to keep spouting the same ol' one-liners?

Do me a favor, don't address me in any more posts, it's obvious you don't genuinely have any interest in what my opinions are.

June 13, 2009 at 12:28 p.m. suggest removal

Should same-sex marriages be legalized in all 50 states?


June 13, 2009 at 8:39 a.m. suggest removal

Anger of some misses point


Lemme clear up the confusion about people's comments (which were closed down after just a few anyway) on that article.

Since when did the black people in a given area comprise "the" community? The entire community is a blend of ethnicities(including store owners.) Doesn't it defeat the purpose if they're going to drive 14 miles outside their neighborhood to visit a "black-owned store"? Where is their money going then?

You could even take it a step farther and only patron stores owned by blacks, who get their loans from banks owned by blacks, and who also get their products for the shelves from companies owned by blacks.

My question wasn't answered from that article either: Would it be racist for me to only shop from and do business with companies owned by whites, because I'm white. (Actually I'm more of a pink-ish peach color, hmm)

I just think that they're going about it the wrong way, because they're putting a bigger gap between the races. It's seperatism, rather than working with your community. Your WHOLE community. I agree it would be nice to go to a roller rink or whatever in one's own town/city, although the way you demonize driving to the suburbs seems a bit dramatic to me. I can handle the 15-20 minute drive from my home on the westside to either Austintown or Boardman.

Whatever. You're going to see it how you want to, no matter how much people are telling you that it isn't what it seems. It is a bit racist, but hey, that's their (and your) choice.

June 9, 2009 at 7:46 a.m. suggest removal

Not a healer but a bully

"well, if that’s what he called health services, then I would rather go without."

Nobody is making you get abortions here lady.

"He played God and decided who would live and die. He was a bully."

And the guy who murdered Dr. Tiller did something you approved of then, hmm? He did the exact same thing you are so up in arms about. And it's not like the women who went to him didn't have a say in the matter...THEY made the decision, Dr. Tiller was just the means they chose to go through with it.

YOU think abortion is murder, the majority of the nation however(including the Supreme Court Justices) do NOT.

Once again, if you don't support abortion, DON'T GET ONE. Simple as that. If you really wanna fight your little war on choice, go over to Russia, they have insane amounts of abortions over there. Or how about China? They have a one-child rule with little exception; their gov't encourages abortion.
Preach to the people at your church who give a hoot. Maybe quit trying to convert the masses to your beliefs based on your religion.

June 9, 2009 at 7:29 a.m. suggest removal

Youngstown Pride sponsors first street fair downtown

Yeah, well the God issue only applies to people who believe in that particular God and religion.
In my religion, or rather spirituality, homosexuality is not a sin.

And if your Jesus fellow meant for the old laws to still stand and you want to bring up Leviticus, then are you going to go around just as energetically proclaiming the sin of eating shellfish?
What about the slavery approved of in those old books? How many sheckles is your wife or mother worth?

This is what I'm talking about sometimes when I rant about how some "religious" folks use the bible to support their personal agendas while ignoring the parts they don't care for.

Justify away, it's what you people always do.

June 8, 2009 at 8:22 a.m. suggest removal

Murder of Dr. Tiller puts abortion foes on the spot


No, using the logic you are presenting with that argument, only embryos and fetuses need concern themselves with abortion.
What I'm saying is that only the people personally AND immediately making the decision of abortion need be concerned.

We obviously don't view the issue of abortion not being murder in the same fashion. That's fine that you see it in your own way, we all have our opinions. I'm not gonna go changing laws to enforce abortions though, that is the difference between our "sides".

June 7, 2009 at 10:30 p.m. suggest removal

Youngstown Pride sponsors first street fair downtown

Really Stan? Are you worried about gay marriage because we're going to go extinct? I can see it now...."Golly Gee, ONLY nearing 7 Billion humans?! Uh oh! Must be dem gays!"

And seriously, how are you gonna compare the union of people to animals with gay marriage?
That (incredibly weak, and illogical) argument is so OLD. Just keep spouting your bigoted nonsense, yeah, I'm sure someone is listening...*laughable.*

I also highly doubt that YOU are any kind of authority on human behavior, besides your own.
Anthropologically speaking, homosexual behavior is as old as civilization and more likely as old as the human species.

You know what I think it really is?
It's okay Stan, you don't have to be afraid. Society changes, it moves on, it progresses. Sometimes it backslides too, and that CAN be scary, huh?
I think the fact that my generation is/will be taking over is rather frightening for some of the baby-boomer crowd(I'm 27, fyi.) We're VERY tolerant of things we see as really...non-important.
Two people who love each other, live together, raise a family together? Great.
They're of the same gender you say? And I say "why do you bring that up?", in earnest.
It just doesn't matter to us as much as it did to the previous generation.

Lemme just say, I'm not even sure why you brought up any marriage issue since the article and the point of the festival were about tolerance of the lifestyle "in general"...but that is what you fear, isn't it? Tolerance. That's a sad thing, Stan.

June 7, 2009 at 5:33 p.m. suggest removal

Murder of Dr. Tiller puts abortion foes on the spot

I'm very curious as to how *specifically* Christian Pro-Choice citizens feel towards the Christian Pro-Life groups, and vice-versa. I recently read an article about the decline of Christianity in the nation and saw that same statistic(for whatever that is worth) of 76% of adults polled IDENTIFYING themselves with Christianity. (As a side note, Atheism (and Agnosticism) is up! Way up~ from 5% to 12%!) I clarified that they "identify" with it because that includes many people who aren't active in their religion, but were raised in some denomination or feel it's easier to just stay within the majority.

What I'm wondering is how do they make peace with that, and how do they decide who is right about it? I mean, it's the one and same God they're worshipping, right? Does he say different things to different groups? Is there a version of the bible for each way to look at it? It's not (gasp!) people twisting "God's word" to suit their own agenda, is it?!

The only people needing to worry about abortions are those who choose to get them. Just like gay marriage: you don't believe in it, fine, don't do it. Just don't take away others' rights to make that choice.

June 7, 2009 at 5:17 p.m. suggest removal



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