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Traficant wins battle for ballot

The Board has spoken. Now the voters will speak loud and clear that there is no where left in this valley for the politics of Traficant. He will be soundly defeated at the polls and wish that he had stayed in the background where he should have stayed to begin with.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

Gabriel, I said it before and I will say it again. You committed a crime (whether you believe you did or not), your crime was witnessed by other officers, you were placed under arrest and resisted that arrest. You went to Struthers Court and was bound over to the Mahoning County Grand Jury. They also believed that there was enough evidence that you should go to trial. A criminal trial was held and you were found guilty. YOU HAVE BEEN PROVEN to be a criminal. Officer Craig has not been proven guilty and is presumed to be innocent until such time that he has a trial, like you, and until he is proven guilty at trial, also like you. You blame the cops, you blame the defense attorneys, you blame the judges, you blame your appeals attorneys. You blame everyone but yourself and now have an axe to grind. Go grind it on somewhere where someone actually cares.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

sounds to me like everyone EXCEPT michaelmatthewgabrielsr did something wrong.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

JD ... read your revised code. Making threats toward a family or household member is a LESSER included offense. Making those threats IS why he as charged with Domestic Violence. Also, you do not know what the officers were told the night before because you weren't there. If you are that interested in why no arrest was made that night I suggest that you take advantage of the Public Records law and go get a copy of the report. Then you can make INTELLIGENT comments.

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Police to charge owner who abandoned dog

Lifesnadir ... I personally know the dog and the owner and have played with that dog MANY times. The home life of that dog was better than most people. If you don't have anything intelligent to say, keep it to yourself. I find it AMAZING that someone can drop off a defenseless infant or newborn at a church, daycare or hospital and it is not a crime and is not abandonment. But take a dog to an animal shelter and leave it and now it's a crime. Could the owner have used better forethought, certainly. This was an act of desperation and leaving a dog that he loved dearly proves that. Because the dog was getting increasingly excitable the owner knew it could not stay at home so he took it to a shelter. Bad choice, but again, one made out of desperation, not hatred for the animal or anything else.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

BiggD ... he WAS charged with Domestic Violence. The cops did their job. Whatever happens now is up to the courts, not the cops. If he gets a "slap on the hand" blame the judge.

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Coroner critics: Inaction harms families

The Coroner's notification that this would happen does not justify what happened. Why is no one mentioning that his budget was only cut by $37,000 and that he has not laid off ANYONE yet and had his full compliment of investigators at the time of the crash. Yes, someone should have called him on it as soon as he made that stupid statement that they would not be responding to death scenes unless it it 9-5 Monday through Friday. Deaths occur at all hours of the day and night and someone needs to be available to respond to those deaths. Dr. Kennedy's refusal to respond either to the scene or to the morgue is nothing but him trying to make a political statement about why his office should not have had budget cuts. Did anyone do the math here? He is paid $63,255 a year at 15 hours per week = $81.10 an hour. In this county? They want to cut the budget they should start with his salary.

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The Elephant Ear hears a need

And they don't charge $7.00 just to walk in the door !!! Congratulations Shannon !!

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Melee at Harding brings charges, complaints

I guess the cops just weren't polite enough when asking these young people to stop rioting. These parents filing complaints should also be investigated and charged. Communities have a Parental Responsibility ordinance which holds the parents accountable for their child's actions. But then the cops would just be picking on the parents of these outstanding young people.

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Probe concludes Manny Nites violated WPD policy

The reasons the officer could use sick time is not made by the city or by the union but rather by the State of Ohio via the Ohio Revised Code. Want to see your kids game? Use personal time or vacation time, that's why you get it in addition to sick days.

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