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Deportation could be just hours away do you know he was working without a social security number? Is that your assumption based on his status as an immigrant, or do you know that for a FACT? There are many people whom I know that have come here legally, have attained a SSN, and are NOT citizens or permanent residents. If he was working and getting a paycheck, he WOULD be paying taxes, automatically being deducted! You should check your facts before making ASSUMPTIONS!

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Immigrant family pleads for son's stay

Remember the song by Lee Greenwood?...."cause I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free..." Are we REALLY free?????

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Immigrant family pleads for son's stay

Cases as such are one of the biggest disgraces to our U.S. government, who prides itself on being the land of the free. As an immigrant myself (although a citizen, now), I acknowledge that there are so many immigrants in this nation that do NOT deserve to be here. They come illegally; they work on the "black" market; they don't pay taxes; and some don't even both to learn English.

In this case, a young man did everything right to earn the freedom to live in this country, and the US Govt came back and slapped him real hard in the face! How is it that even after the lawyer admits to having processed documents late and having concealed information from Chip, there's no way to properly resolve this case? How is it that so many circuit court judges and immigration officials do NOT identify this lawyer's mistake? WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!

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