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Republicans to America: Go forth and multiply



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Republicans to America: Go forth and multiply

I have been reading your column and continued to be amazed at your liberal perspective ( "perspective" your point of view). First abstinence is the ONLY form of birth control that works 100% of the time, neglecting, of course artificial insemination. In addition to avoiding pregnancy, I have yet to hear of anyone with sexual transmitted AIDs who acquired it from abstinence. I agree that abstinence is difficult, but it is not impossible. For a 100% insurance against unplanned or unwanted pregnancies is works, and those who do not practice it gets to pay the consequences of their actions. Including Sarah Palin's daughter. It's about being responsible for one's own actions.

I don't recollect Palin saying that her daughters unplanned pregnancy "epitomizes" anything. I do know that she expressed mixed emotions about her daughter learning to grow up faster than Sarah Palin had hoped and probably more than her daughter planned. It is entirely appropriate for palin's family to support her daughter, even if out of their own pocket. I't the adult thing to do, rather than having a "nanny government" rescue people from their own behavior. (I also think the same way about the massive government bailouts of the banks and mortgage industries. By the way, where and when did Palin make and explicit distinction between her daughter and the impoverished inner city teens, except in your own mind. I do agree however that the distinction is there, and I am glad that you pointed it out.

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