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3 bedroom, 5 bath


3 bedroom, 4 bath

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Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

How about the responses to Husseins latest "impressive" foray into foreign policy and diplomacy? He urges Israel to "ceasefire" and they step up their operations (rightfully so) to eradicate the terrorist organization, Hamas. Then he basically tells Putin that he's going to "hold his breath and stomp his feet" until Russia stops sending troops and artillery to the Ukraine, and his response? More troops and artillery sent to the border of Ukraine. And Iraq and Afghanistan are pretty much under control of the muslim terrorists that Hussein bragged that he had "decimated" and had on the "run". The "bad guys" on the worlds stage have taken note of how weak Hussein has made us, and they are taking full advantage of that fact. If this doesn't get turned around, we're all going to be wearing towels or pancakes on our heads, and looking for the moon, to start our religious holidays!

July 30, 2014 at 12:18 p.m. suggest removal

Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

We'll, Husseins boy Kerry just got back from Israel, thankfully with nothing to show for the trip. He tried his darnedest to get Israel to subjugate to Hamas, even trying to bring in the muslim leadership of Turkey and Qatar (Qatar, you know, the place where Hussein sent the "Taliban Dream Team" for "R&R", after trading them for a possible deserter, who, by the way, has conveniently disappeared from the front pages) and Turkey's leader being a member of the muslim brotherhood. Now there's a group you want trying to negotiate for one our allies, Israel. Hussein is so concerned for the casualties in Gaza, well here's novel idea....TELL 'EM TO STOP FIRING MISSLES INTO ISRAEL!!! But no...Hussein just wrings his hands for the poor "Gaza-ites", who for the last so many years have allowed a terrorist organization like Hamas free rein over their territory, letting them hide their weapon caches in schools, hospitals and parks. Kinda makes you wonder where his loyalty rests, no?

July 28, 2014 at 10:56 p.m. suggest removal

Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

Hmmmm.....who would I rather have as a leader of the "free world".....COLONEL Allen West, DOCTOR Ben Carson, or LAWYER Hussein Obama?

July 28, 2014 at 11:41 a.m. suggest removal

Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

With our border basically a "sieve", you are living in a fantasy world if you believe that only "innocent little children" are coming across! And I'm not talking about the "gang members" either! So, no America is not a safer place. And did we forget about the Boston bombings? Or how about the attempted Times Square bombing? I'm almost positive both of those places are on "U.S. soil". Furthermore, my dislike is not based on "racism" or "bigotry", 'cause I don't like the "white half" of him either. Actually, after seeing him on a few of the "late night" shows, I do think he'd make a pretty good entertainer, and I'd probably watch his shows, if he kept his politics out of it. Now that I think about it, as President Reagan was a lousy actor, who became an amazing President, the opposite could be said for Hussein!

July 27, 2014 at 2:53 p.m. suggest removal

Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

Now we are forced to abandon our Embassy in Tripoli, Libya. Yeah, Husseins really got the terrorists " on the run"! Boy, what "tranquil" times we are living in! His foreign policy is a DISASTER, his signature legislation, HusseinCare is dying a "slow death", so much so, he has to keep granting exemptions from it, Hamas keeps "thumbing their noses" at his boy Kerry, the I.R.S. can't find e-mails, or lost e-mails, or maybe destroyed e-mails, oh wait a minute, maybe we have the e-mails (and this agency handles our personal info, and is going to administer parts of HusseinCare), IslandMike, you are right; C'MON 2016!

July 26, 2014 at 5:02 p.m. suggest removal

Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

President Reagan ends the "Cold War", and Hussein starts another one by "leading from behind" and portraying weakness from the start of his first term, 'til now. Putin doesn't fear him, and and ISIS and Hamas are his "buds", so it's no wonder there is turmoil across the globe. And now, his latest "gift" to the muslims was to urge the Dems to attach the money we were going give to Israel for their "Iron Dome" technology, to a ridiculous "immigration bill" that the Repubs are going to shoot down, so that it appears that they don't want to support Israel. When the Dems were asked about it, they said it was at the urging of "the White House". Way to go, Hussein, why not just "turn out the lights" and let the muslims have the keys to our "front door".

July 26, 2014 at 12:09 a.m. suggest removal

Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

You got that right! He does "RULE"', just like the tyrannical dictator he aspires to be! Stepping all over our Constitutional rights, ignoring and selectively choosing which laws he will enforce and changing the ones that might hurt his "friends" (read that "voter base"), targeting his detractors by using one of the most feared Federal agencies and then covering up the fact, when exposed....yeah he "RULES" for sure!

July 24, 2014 at 1:32 p.m. suggest removal

Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

Wow! Here's another"prime" example of Husseins incompetence, just coming to light a few moments ago. After Hussein has to appoint a new head of the I.R.S. due to it's targeting of the Tea Party and other conservative groups, and it's former leaders running like rats from a sinking ship, and pleading the "fifth" to avoid telling the truth, it has now been revealed that the alleged "missing e-mails" are suddenly found! And when asked by Congress why he didn't know this, the new I.R.S. Chief says he was told that he was informed that there was a "discrepancy" with Lerners e-mails but no explanation of the "discrepancy" was given to him, at the time. And, supposedly being the guy to fix the I.R.S.'s issues, he doesn't ASK for an explanation, and decides to just testify before Congress that he "doesn't know about the e-mails". Okay, I was born at night, but it wasn't LAST NIGHT....and as dumb as I can be at times, and knowing the HUGE implication of the whole I.R.S. scandal, I'm pretty sure I would have at least asked "what KIND of discrepancies" exist with Lerners e-mails. But nooooo.......Husseins "I.R.S. savior" just bumps along, feigning ignorance, much like Hussein does when these scandals erupt. Hmmm....am I seeing a "theme" here? Husseins a Democrat, Koskinen's a HUGE donor to the Democrats, Cummings ( a Democratic member of the panel investigating the I.R.S. scandal) declaring the investigation a "sham". C'mon, am I the only one putting "2 & 2" together?

July 23, 2014 at 1:49 p.m. suggest removal

Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

At the beginning of Husseins statement, the day after the terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya, he tried to lay blame for the attack as a response to the "anti-islamic video", which proved to be a complete LIE! Only at the end of his speech did he use the general term "acts of terror", which any person of normal and common sensibility would equate to "acts of violence" when used in that context. And then, until he had to "backtrack" his "spontaneous demonstration" LIE, did his administration start to address the matter as "terrorism", however I have yet to hear Hussein actually call it what it was, a TERRORIST ATTACK! And then, to add " insult to injury" he waits over TWO YEARS to capture ONE of the terrorists involved in the attack, who was NOT in hiding! And even worse, when questioned about the delay, and the fact that the "bad guy" was giving "face-to-face" interviews with anyone who asked, Hussein had the audacity to explain that "journalists had better resources" than our Military or Law Enforcement, to find and meet with terrorists! What a slap in the face of our HEROS in the Military and L.E.! Lies compounding other lies in this instance, not to mention the I.R.S. scandal, V.A. scandal, border crisis, "Fast & Furious" scandal, " you can keep your Doc & insurance lie", etc. and what have we learned from him about all of this? He likes to shoot pool and have a few beers!

July 23, 2014 at 1:04 p.m. suggest removal

Reagan would cringe to see moral and political downfall of the US

Hussein has spent the last six years doing everything he can to make it nearly impossible for the "job creators" to "create" jobs. "HusseinCare" is probably the worst of his policies for "job creation". I know several area businessmen who don't dare hire any new employees, and are even cutting back hours for their employees due to "HusseinCare" and the increased costs to employers because of it. Even some of the leading Democrats have said that because of "HusseinCare", those who would rather pursue their "dreams" such as painting or volunteering, as opposed to working for a living can now do so. Now there's " job creating" policies at "work"!

July 23, 2014 at 12:58 a.m. suggest removal



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