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Romney lacks ‘economic patriotism,’ ex-Gov. Strickland says in Valley stop

Uncle Ted left us with a $6 billion deficit and no hope of getting out of his economic mess. Thank God he lost the election and I pray he never ever comes back.

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Delphi retirees Rep: Emails show ‘back-door deal’ to cut benefits

President Obama and his cronies favored Unions in the bankruptcy. If the automotive companies had gone through a traditional bankruptcy the union contracts would have been void and all employees would have been treated the same. No more GM or Chrysler cars for me....I'm DONE!

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Strickland sums up Kasich as ‘reckless’

Uncle Ted hasn't addressed the $8 billion dollar hole in the budget and then he supported ObamaCare that added another $300 million to the hole for Medicaid. We have lost 400,000 jobs and a lot of them to other States. He was late to the NCR debacle and those jobs left. He has No idea how to create a a job friendly environment. What can he point to as a success? We can do much better. Uncle Ted needs to be tossed.

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Sen. Brown defends need for health-care reforms

1/3 of Government Files are lost. Makes you feel great about the Government running your health care doesn't it.

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