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Animal Charity hires agent, restores services

I applaud the board of directors for getting rid of Borosky. I thank the Lariccias for their generosity. I do have a question though. Kyle Ziegler is not a "new hire". Was this position posted for other qualified persons to apply?? If not, why not? Ziegler has a history with the agency. However, that history is tainted by his partnership with Borosky! He was part of the problem with the botched investigation of the High Caliber K-9 boarding kennel. I can't help but wonder what other individuals are out there with a love for animals, a heart for humane law enforcement, and with the knowledge to execute the duties ethically and professionally. This last part is what has been most lacking in the Borosky era. What's changed except the name?

January 14, 2011 at 11:44 p.m. suggest removal