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Dellick back in jail on probation violation

This "kid" is grown. There is not much his parents can do at this point. He has made his poor decisions and know right from wrong...As the father said. Prayer is what he needs, but in the end, it is he alone who can make the decision to do what it right in life.. We all have our demons to fight.

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Youngstown cops say men killed each other in gunfight

Did not like each other?! Obviously not...No self-love or respect for others, neither..Thankfully, no innocent victim was caught in the crossfire of this senseless carnage .. :(

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2 Campbell teenagers arrested after chase

Wrongful the legal term for allowing another, if you know that they do not have a valid license...

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Mother of homicide victim, 16: Why Gina?

Went for teabags?! Where?...Why did they wait 2 hours?! Deepest condolences.. :(

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Driver indicted in deaths of her unborn child, woman

Since the ORC reads that it is unlawfully to end the life of a Homo Sapien in another's womb, it sounds like this would not apply to her. It was in her own womb, so it sounds like it would be no more than a "late term abortion". The law needs to be rewritten for there to be a conviction. I am sure her Atty. will look at this as a defense. What a tragedy for all! Please stop procreating if you think booze is more important than lives!

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If the fact that 50% of the crimes in this Country are committed by 10% of the population Black males between 15-25 yoa, this is a national disgrace. I do know that they are more Black males incarcerated than enrolled in institutions of higher learning. This is a direct correlation. Tell me America of all colors and cultures--when are our so-called Black leaders going to address this problem and stop making excuses?!

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St. Dom suspect’s parents arrested on retaliation charges

Jimanderson-- I think you meant to say "the paper doesn't fall far from the crap"--- I cleaned it up!

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Man faces charges in beating of toddler

HANG 'EM HIGH! BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!! I am heartsick and enraged by the child abuse and murder allowed to go on in this Country. These animals must be swiftly eliminated and I do not want to hear any weenie liberal excuses about their miserable upbringing. Shame on these poor excuses for females that allow this to happen---"over my dead body" as Mother23 stated, is a fact! God Bless this child!

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Youngstown cops seek suspects in slaying of man, 23

Condolesence to the family, but like my wise old relatives always said," unless you are out doing a service job at night." no good happens after midnight!

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Dog attack at bus stop

Like we all said, redfox, you get your facts straight and
follow me to cemeteries and I can show you what these defective beasts have done. End of story, talk to some victims!!

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