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Youngstown schools to cut spending by $5.5M

It's not an Afrocentric problem. It's a problem of those poverty-stricken classes of any race.

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Mayor Williams to speak in Washington

I'm very proud to have a mayor who, with vision and intellect and pragmatism, has earned Youngstown a voice both on the national and international maps again.

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Redefining a calamity

Though I am much in sympathy with wanting our children to go to school as many days as possible, and with wanting our parents to help them get there on difficult days, I think whoever has written this isn't viewing this incident with all of its factors involved. Didn't the Vindicator itself just run an article on why the roads here were such a mess for those three days? Because of the wrong mix of ash and salt? How there wasn't enough salt to actually melt the ice and clear the roads correctly?

My guess is that schools would have been open a lot sooner if that factor wouldn't have existed in the first place.

The school systems made the right choice when they cannot take chances of endangering their pupils--OR their pupils' parents--by asking them to drive or walk on dangerous roads that might have been less dangerous, like PA's, had the city ordered the right mix of salt and slag. Asking parents and neighbors to drive on those roads is inviting more problems to occur. Just because a person is an adult does not make them immune to accidents on roads that have not been properly treated.

Value education, yes, but along with that, value it under the right conditions: placing the responsibility on parents and neighbors to go out on roads that have not been properly treated makes this editorial's logic faulty.

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Traficant t-shirts discredit us

Maybe the white elephant will do better this year due to the Pavlik fight so few locals will be able to attend. ;-)

I'm not even a boxing fan, and I was disappointed. :(

Agree with Lucy--Apollo, snap.

But Tyler is right: you have to recognize a pervading attitude in this area--that all politicians are corrupt, that politics in general is corrupt--and realize that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. As long as we believe that to be true, for us, for the politicians coming out of this region, it will be true. If we change our beliefs, we can change our standards, and if we change our standards, we can change the standard of life here.

I expect better than Jim Traficant, who my grandmother campaigned for wholeheartedly during his tenure. I will say this: I think he's a misunderstood man. I believe he meant to do good for this valley, but because of the pervading sense of corruptness in politics, he believed he could only accomplish good for us by being corrupt. I forgive him for this, since it's a belief that can overwhelm the best of intentions.

Now let's move on to something better.

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UPSCALE DOWNTOWN Luxury apartments detail heart-of-city location

Obviously, Scrooge, you have not been downtown in a long time. Your perception of it does not match its reality at. all.

ANd Youngstown has gone down on that list to 15th in 2008. Obviously something right is happening here now. You just have to catch up to what's going on, instead of remaining mired in old perceptions. Come down and check the downtown out for yourself. There are many people there after business hours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays now.

Agreed that the apartments are pricey, but I think they will sell to those like Mr. Morley who want to be a valuable addition to the downtown rebirth project, and have the means to be able to do that. There are others like him out there, too.

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Tapazza R.I.P.

Long live Tapazza. Somewhere else, if not in Boardman. It was the best food I've had in this area in, well, ever. I am not so interested in another BBQ place, though.

Though the downtown doesn't have ready buildings for places like this, I think it would be the sort of place where it would do better than where it was in Boardman, where it really is more of a chain restaurant style place than original cuisine or ethnic cuisine.

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‘Tis the Season to Bash Youngstown

That's the spirit everyone could use to change the way they see the world around them.

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Brewing business on tap at B&O Craft-beer maker to put city brew on tap

Best of luck, Ken. You'll have a consumer of your product in me. My only hope is that eventually you'll be able to expand and open the brew pub too. I'm a fan of sitting in the place where the brew is made. And I love the B&O. So I guess I'll be buying a lot of your beer with that in mind!

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Passage of WRTA levy is an economic, social and moral imperative

NoBS, I think you are imagining a condescending attitude since you can't hear my voice. You can feel free to do that if you want. It doesn't bother me any. Imagine me being condescending. I'll imagine you being as unnecessarily aggressive as you are to people who have different ideas from yours.

Yes, I said what you cut and pasted. I didn't say it was the one and only factor that will help this region, but that it is a factor to economic development, period. It's part of the region's infrastructure, and once you strip it out, it will take a lot more to reconstruct something like it in the future, if we want an area that is more knit together.

If, however, you want to perceive it as something that is only useful to city residents, then you are right, the county should not be responsible for it.

I myself see it as one of the last remaining vestiges of infrastructure that will allow this region to continue economic development in the future, since, as mentioned in many articles here (as well as in economic reports for any city and any region you look at in the nation) public transportation systems are necessary to connect townships and suburbs and cities together in order to build an area up, rather than tear it down. This is a different way of viewing this piece of our region, though.

Vote how you want to. I will vote how I want to as well. That's America.

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Passage of WRTA levy is an economic, social and moral imperative

NoBS, I never said that the WRTA will solve the region's economic woes. I said it factors in when employers look at regions as potential places to locate.

Please read more carefully next time.

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