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Canfield Superintendent Dante Zambrini retires

One more thing. We concerned citizens need to take this same energy and initiative to a bigger place. This reason we even have to vote for a levy is the unconstitutional way schools are funded. This needs to be addressed with the State. Until then, we should not be cutting off our noses to spite our faces. We need to protect our biggest asset, our schools.

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Canfield Superintendent Dante Zambrini retires

Voting down the levy because of a personality conflict is a terrible choice. Our property values are dropping because we live in an area with the highest percentage of poverty in the the nation. Almost 50% (see today's headlines). The way out of that hole is attracting business/jobs.

Quality business leaders and professionals will not relocate to an area that doesn't have good schools. Other major cities have 15-20 excellent schools to choose from within a 20 mile commute (think Cleveland or Pittsburgh). Youngstown has 2. Canfield is one of them, for now.

Don't keep digging the trench around the Island of Canfield on any wider or deeper.

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