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Goodcatholic says: That record against Ignatius is from back when Mooney was actually a D-I team (1970's). Isn't it amazing how they withhold certain information?

If, by D-I and 1970's, you meant D-II and 1980's, I guess your statement is factually accurate. It takes so little to discredit you – so much for your purported credibility. If you distort the truth on such easily researchable items, what else are you fabricating?

I’m confused – who did Mooney play in their class this season that “kicked their butts”? Are you referring to the landslide victory Lake Catholic had over them 27-22. You talk circles around your own arguments and contradict your own logic. First you said they should play D-I opponents not D-III. Fine, they went 3-1 against D-I schools in 2011. Yet, you were dismissive of their wins over Ignatius when you thought they occurred in D-I. Then, you seem to wish “they actually played someone in their class”. Well, you saw what happened when they played D-III teams, they had a record of 6-1 (and 1-0 against D-II).

People like you are oblivious to facts and continue your unsubstantiated arguments even when unequivocally rebutted. I can’t waste any more time on you – I have to work my six-figure salary white-collar profession for which a private school education laid the foundation.

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Mooney's all-time record against Ignatius is 2-0.

Of my graduating class at CMHS, 4% went on to become doctors, while others became attorneys, dentists, CPAs and VPs of industry. I would love to see a comparable statistic for Youngstown public schools – or Woodrow Wilson, which was my other option at the time.

Again, I'll provide the facts and you provide the fiction. See how this works? In private school, they taught us to cite evidentiary information during debate. You must be a product of public school.

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Goodcatholic says: The majority of thinking people are laughing at Mooney and Ursuline for crowing about titles that are shams.

Yet another example of you substituting your beliefs for that of the general population. Your logic is flawed and based on conjecture not fact. You must think very highly of yourself to consider you the majority.

As I said, I support the concept of establishing a private school league. In recent years, CMHS' regular season schedule has consisted primarily of private schools so the transition would be seamless. As for those rural communities you speak of -> did you mean those small towns comprising Mooney’s schedule such as Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron and Canton? Or perhaps you were referring to the schools (e.g. Steubenville 11-0, Chagrin Falls 13-0, Springfield Shawnee 14-0) Mooney encountered in the playoffs, all of which were open enrollment? Should there then be three leagues, 1) Private, 2) Public Closed Enrollment and 3) Public Open Enrollment? I wonder which league would be the most exciting to watch.

Your OSU example is laughable. Let’s talk DI football for a moment, where all schools have the ability to attract talent. Why, where schools have equal numbers of scholarships to award, do the same 10 or so schools wind up at the top year after year? Championships recruit champions – not scholarships.

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Making accusations based upon assumptions, speculation and third-hand information does little to substantiate your position regarding recruiting, etc.

I would love for Cardinal Mooney and other local private schools to form their own division/league. Once removed from the pool of OHSAA teams, the remaining league/members would become the XFL equivalent.

Success breeds success. The more accolades these elite programs amass, the more attractive the school becomes to prospective athletes. Winning championships is in and of itself the most effective recruiting tool available.

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Teams write new chapter in Valley’s football tradition


Mooney's 2009 regular season schedule consisted of 8 private schools and 2 public schools. Further, they played 7 out of 10 schools at equal or lesser divisions with an average division of 3. That sounds about right for a division 3 private school wouldn't you say? Still, the method by which they dismantled each and every quality opponent was exceptional.

Congrats to Mooney with a 2009 national ranking of 4 according to

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MOONEY LIVE | Cardinals are state champions!

I agree. Mooney, in my opinion, is unquestionably the premiere team in Ohio. That had to be the most treacherous schedule a D III program has ever played. I'm truly honored to be a Cardinal.

Best of Luck to the Irish!

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Ursuline, Mooney familiar with Week 15


How do you categorize yourself as an "athlete" if you admittedly "didn't play sports"?

By your logic, the fact that a non-athlete was not recruited unequivocally confirms the existence of recruiting. That's brilliant.

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Ursuline, Mooney familiar with Week 15

Sure, all of the schools Mooney played from the following small towns - Akron, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Warren and Youngstown - are so inept they can barely fend for themselves. By the way, parochial schools accounted for 8 of the 10 regular season games CMHS played (the 2 that did not were D 1), so your reasoning of Mooney targeting weak and unassuming public schools for their benefit is again in line with your consistently illogical remarks.

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Ursuline, Mooney familiar with Week 15

Mooney1993: I took a quick glance at your previous 40 vindy posts. ALL of them relate to the SAME topic. Is there truly nothing else that provokes debative thought on your part? It is so sad that a man can become so obsessed over such an inconsequential (in the grand scheme of things) issue. The envy you feel at the success of others is pathetic. Seriously, if you're so compelled by this critical community issue, take meaningful and constructive steps to correct this perceived injustice. By the way, these schools thrive off the hate spewed by you and comparable others. CMHS / UHS successes will only be enhanced by your criticism, just as the impact of your repetitive and unimaginative 'contributions' continues to dissipate.

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Mooney defeats Steubenville 45-7

I attended Mooney and played a variety of sports, including football. I have friends (some of whom are current coaches) and relatives that went/go to Mooney. Anyone who contends Mooney recruits athletes is unquestionably misinformed. The jealous undertones are so transparent. The formula is simple, success breeds success. As the Cardinals continue their reign of supremacy, parents will be perpetually inclined to give their kids an opportunity at achieving greatness. If you have the fiscal wherewithall to provide your children with THE BEST experience in the classroom and on the football field, why would you deprive them of that? To Mooney93 who also believes our academics aren't top knotch, I say this. I graduated with students who went on to become doctors, attorneys, CPAs, engineers and VPs of corporations.Yes, other schools can boast that accomplishment, but not with the same propensity. The public v. private debate will never cease to exist, but if this discussion is inevitable, let's at least do it with substantive and supportable arguments. Bring home another hard-earned title to the valley.

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