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Shawn Elswick

If option offenses were still en vogue, I don’t think we would be talking about Shawn Elswick as a safety. He is that good on offense. He runs the offense like a field general and is in control out there making great decisions. Elswick is almost good enough as a ball carrier to be a running back. He is strong and never seems to go down on first contact. Once he breaks through, there is no catching him. I have never seen a 40 time on him but his football speed is impressive.
The characteristic that intrigues me is he throws the ball well enough that he could be effective under center in the right offense. Most option quarterbacks do not throw the ball well enough. That is why defenses come up tight on the line against option teams but Elswick will gut a defense if they try to come up and take the run away from Brookfield.
It is harder to see what Elswick brings to the table as a safety because he got so little work with Brookfield front seven is making sure he is fresh to play offense.
There is no question we are looking at one of the really special talents to come along in this state in some time. We had Ted Ginn, Jr. and last year we had Eugene Clifford. After those two unique talents, I think you need to include Shawn Elswick in the conversation about who would fit that number three slot.
This one of the better all around players in Ohio in my opinion. He can play any number of positions but I think safety is his best positions. As a running back this year, Elswick put up numbers that tell something about his versatility. In a game late in the season, he had seven carries for 80 yards and three rushing TDs while adding five receptions for 60 yards and another TD.
As a safety on defense he had four tackles for a loss and three pass breakups and that was just in the first half.
Cope has been hearing from Cincinnati, Miami (Oh.), Ohio, Kent State, Ball State Bowling Green, and Youngstown State. His athlete numbers are impressive enough to get him offers. He has run a 4.47 40, a broad jump of nine feet and a very impressive 35-inch vertical. Those are camp numbers, not school numbers. I did not think it was possible but Shawn Elswick has become an even more devastating striker this year. When he hits people it reminds me of watching Mike Tyson back in his heyday. I have heard the young guys talking about getting “trucked.” That is often what it looks like after an encounter with Zordich. “Pole-axed” was a word I grew up with. Elswick hits and whoever got hit goes straight down. Elswick only played 5 games in 2007 because of a torn ACL, but watch for him to emerge as a great player in 2008. Dont run by him, or your gonna get hit. Hard.

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