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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

I'm only going to touch on one point because I think people are missing the big picture...

Let's pretend the Playhouse was in 100% pristine condition. $1 million just fell out of the sky. Everything was updated and working beautifully. The fact that it still costs about $15,000 a month for utilities in the Winter would NOT change, though. So really, even if the place was tip-top, there would still be trouble keeping it open.

Saving the building is useless because this same issue would arise EVERY YEAR unless a massive annual donor popped up, and I really don't see that happening anytime soon. In fact, as soon as the economy took a massive blow, funding from the few sources the Playhouse had was drastically cut or even pulled altogether.

Times are tough for everyone, let alone the arts. The organization will survive, but it simply cannot do it in the current building. It's very very sad. That is the best equipped theatre from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, but it's a fact that we all must face. I know I will do all I can to support whatever venue is used in the future and I know dozens more who feel exactly the same way. The soul of the theatre is not in a flooded, dilapidated building, but in all the PEOPLE who give their time to produce quality shows. As long as these people are around, the show WILL go on...

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