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A day at Chaney

I'm sorry joes but that is a very sad and sadistic view of this issue, and I would very well appreciate is if you would not refer to my friends and colleagues as "dogs" or "animals". However because I am a respectful person I will not allow your comment to have the privilege of being anywhere near the truth. Why don't you come down to Chaney meet me and my friends the "animals" and see if you have the same view. If so, I feel sorry, but hopefully you can have a change of heart.

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A day at Chaney

I am a senior at Chaney High school and I know just about everyone mentioned in the article except that Nieves person. I would like to speak for all the hardworking students at Chaney High School enrolled in all Honors and AP curriculums including myself when I say there are amazing things happening at Chaney High. As stated above our class valedictorian and my good friend Kaitlyn Cook is doing awesome things around the school and has a bright future ahead that will not only make Chaney proud, but the whole city of Youngstown as well. Chaney Drama is having a wonderful renaissance, putting on at least 3 productions or showcases every year for the past 3 years thanks to Mrs. Angela Dooley. Physics teacher Tim Bakos has used grants to purchase dozens of laptops and various other technologies for use with educational labs. Mr. Bakos is also the coach of both Chaney Academic Challenge/Quiz Bowl and the Baseball Team. Our Academics Challenge team was featured on MYTV with a victory over East and a close game to Poland (Until after the half) and our Quiz Bowl varsity team has victories over Campbell High School and Youngstown Early College. Our Physics class has adopted Lake Glacier and will be participating in various activities to help decrease pollution and bacteria spread around the lake and will be performing experiments on the water for data that will be used by the city and state. The new principle Dr. Thorson is just what Chaney needs to get it together. I am tired of dealing with disrespectful classmates and he may not be able to do much with the senior class, but I think he will be able to shape the underclassmen into respectful young adults with time. Although I do not fully agree with the sudden dress code change, I guess you do sometimes have to go a little overboard to get it into peoples heads. I believe if that reporter had followed me and my friends around he would have had a much more enlightening experience. I know Chaney gets a lot of bad rep in the news, but people should not lose faith in the minority based on the actions of the majority. There are smart, talented, hardworking people at Chaney trying to make the best of our education and we are doing a wonderful job.

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And no smell of sulphur either

Dear Users,

When reading some of your comments in response to Tim's letter, I've noticed how many of you have somehow gotten EXTREMELY off topic. You have failed to realize this letter is meant to be satirical statement contradicting modern beliefs of President Obama being a socialist and bringing on a modern day apocalypse (seriously, I've heard it before). But before I get off topic and start ranting about drilling oil and drug raids, I have one simple question. How hard is it to take a joke? Really people, these are tough times and if we all start fighting each other over editorial letters, I'm scared for the future. I've got some homework to finish up for Chemistry so i hope you all lighten up a little, and behave! Hahaha

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