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Postal workers rally in Youngstown to keep Saturday delivery


You are still not comparing apples with apples. I said UPS and FedEx do not deliver DAILY mail and they do not do because they cannot do it at a cheaper rate and remain profitable.

Also, postal workers do not make overtime for delivering six days a week. They actually work a five-day forty hour schedule like most people. The sixth day is picked up by people who actually work for that purpose and pick up the odd day out on several different routes. This is the type of misinformation that will make you look silly if you don't research BEFORE you comment.


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Postal workers rally in Youngstown to keep Saturday delivery


I try not to comment too often here, but stupid comments draw me from the shadows like a moth to a flame.

Firstly, UPS and FedEx are not competing with the postal service because neither of these companies offers daily mail delivery. Please make the comparison fair. Those private companies do not offer that service because they know they cannot do it as cheaply as the postal service.

Secondly, making those who want home delivery pay an additional fee will amount to nothing more than an added tax on the elderly and disabled. These are after all the people who would be least likely to venture out to a postal box to retrieve their mail. They are also, ironically, the two groups who rely upon the postal service the most.

You and others like you may be in favor of increased taxes and hardship on the elderly as well as unfair, bias comparisons just to disparage the government, and thus, the president, but I prefer to deal in reality at the same time attempting to make life easier for my fellow Americans - be they old or disabled.


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Turner gets 19 prison years in two Liberty killings

This happened in Warren (Trumbull County) so it has nothing at all to do with Paul Gains.... He is a Mahoning County prosecutor.

Also to all
I am sure the sentence was reached in some sort of plea deal. These things look terrible on the surface, but if the prosecutor is not confident in the evidence in the case it is better to make the deal than to see the suspect go totally free.


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Report praises operations of Covelli Centre

I can't believe the city paid $50,000 for this study. I could have done the same study with the same results for $500 and coupon to Carrabba's Italian Grill.


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Diversity breakfast speaker urges students to develop potential

So what if it is "a branch of the NAACP" is not the message a good one!

I wish this area had more progressive people!


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Customer trying to stop robbery is shot twice

Good, decent people no longer want to be victimized. I feel for sorry for this man because he was not permitted to carry the tools needed to defend himself or the store. We need to remedy this situation — ALLOW CONCEALED CARRY BY LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS IN ALL PLACES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Man fails at 2 suicide attempts on interstate

He should take this as a sign that God is not done with him yet, and it is clearly not his time to leave this earth...

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Ohio loses thousands of public school teachers to budget cuts

"All while we rob our kids of educations because teachers are "greedy"."

Urm I believe the commenter was being facetious with the above comment. Some of you didn't seem to get that.


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Boehner: 'God only knows' how fiscal cliff will be avoided


If Mr. Obama is to become the worst mistake this country has ever made, he will have to unseat George W. Bush to get there.

Ironically, I agree with MOST what you stated — let Obama have his way and implement all the things he has asked for. I, however, believe the outcome will be on one of greatness where we will finally begin to correct the mistakes of the Bush administration and hopefully get our people back to work.

If I have learned anything in viewing the last two administrations it is the following : I would take a community organizer as my president any day over a spoiled rich kid who has literally ruined every business/organization/anything he has ever touched.


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Educators in Texas town have carried guns since '07


That was extremely well said sir.

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