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BW3 plans updating project

This article is about a local company\\\'s reinvestment in their business. Before the Covelli Center and the reopening of West Federal Street, BW-3 was the only reason to go downtown after 5PM. Now they are pumping money back into their business - I say that\\\'s great! I commend the local ownership of Ed Yaskowitz who has stayed true to this area and continues to reinvest not only in downtown, but also in their locations in Niles, Boardman, and Austintown. As a community we should be proud of the fact that the local BW-3 franchises were amongst the first of a chain that now boasts nearly 700 locations nationwide.

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Cafaro files suit to dismiss indictment in Oakhill conspiracy case

Make your own determination of the facts instead of mindlessly following The Vindy's bias. Follow the link to the Mahoning County Court website to read the filing:

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Cafaro motion calls for dismissal

Read their filing in its entirety. You may want to reconsider who the focus of the Oakhill investigation should be!!!!

Here's the Mahoning County Court links:

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‘Viaggio sicuro’ J.J. Cafaro

As the Valley's self imposed authority on revealing corruption, I find it interesting that The Vindicator has yet to post the link to Cafaro's court filing earlier this week or even write an article that accurately reports the details of the filing. Hey Bert and Vindy management, why don't you do some real reporting and investigate the improprieties alleged of Mr. Gains et al.

Here's the Mahoning County Court link to the filings. Interesting reading - but likely the content doesn't fit The Vindy's predetermination of guilt for the accused so it will be ignored and instead the readers are bombarded with Bert's frivolous diatribe:

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