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Many GM workers yearn to go home


You stated that "one thing you learned about GM is that it's all about the $$$" As a stockholder (yes, those of us that work and pay taxes are now stockholders since our gov't still owns a good portion of GM), I sure the heck hope that operating a business is "all about the $$$." Welcome to capitalism! Businesses exist to make a profit. In a true free enterprise situation, companies pay their employees the necessary wages and perks to retain and motivate. If they don't pay enough or treat them unfairly (as this article insinuates) then workers will leave and their skills will be employed elsewhere.

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Cashing in on Ohio’s turnpike

Those that oppose leasing the turnpike wrongly assume that such an arrangement will result in these roads not being maintained properly. Such assumption is incorrect - the maintenance can be dictated in the contract and the company that leases it would be monitored to confirm it abides by the maintenance standards. Likewise, toll pricing for the duration of the lease could also be established such as setting tolls to increase no more than the rate of inflation. With that all in place, the private company would pay the state an annual lease fee that would be guaranteed income because the state would no longer have any expenses. Sure, it's likely that overpaid toll workers would be replaced by lesser paid individuals and/or machines. But so would pet projects like the boondoggle multimillion dollar service plaza replacement currently underway on I76 near the PA border that is costing tens of millions on a total rebuild when an upgrade and expansion is all that was required. Don't forget, assessing tolls on the turnpike was never intended to be permanent. In the '90's when the turnpike was finally paid for, the commission voted to extend and increase the tolls - a move that secured their cushy appointments that wield great power and influence.

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City should take into account the hazards of shale gas development

The aforementioned academic elitists live their lives in the sheltered world of universities. In the real world where the rest of us reside, people realize that all rewards in life come with some degree of risk. The fact is that for the Mahoning Valley to succeed and finally overcome a generation or two of economic disaster we must embrace the opportunity that the shale industry presents. Does anyone ever wonder what this area would be like if the early industrialists hadn't taken the entrepreneurial risk on building the steel mills in this region? I do, they would have been built somewhere else and that place would have enjoyed 75+ years of economic boom. Don't pass up this opportunity out of fear. Risk is what built this country and this Valley. But academics such as Beiersdorfer wouldn't know that because the ivory tower world of academia is a world of make believe that the rest of us ultimately pay for with our tax dollars.

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Youngstown leads in city council salaries, benefits

It's scary that the citizens of Youngstown actually voted these people into office - many times repeatedly. With the exception of Mr. Drennan, they all should be voted out of office - especially Ms. Gillam. She and her husband have been bilking this city and its citizens for decades. They claim to be looking out for the best interests of the east siders but most that have dealt with them realize that they are on the take and nothing in their ward ever gets done unless you stuff cash into their envelope.

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Should Youngstown City Council approve a lease for oil and gas drilling on city-owned land?

Those that oppose drilling are against progress and economic prosperity for this region. Last week was the anniversary of the steel demise - Black Monday. It's taken over 30 years, but there's finally hope of a new industrial base. Laws are in place to ensure the safety of the citizens. So long as the city is getting market rates for its land, they have a duty to the city's citizens to drill and raise capital. Cowering to the few, but vocal so called 'anti-frackers' would only prove that our elected officials are incapable of leading with strength and conviction.

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Youngstown's Oakhill to get $2.5M face-lift

So let me get this straight. The County buys a building that's too large for its needs, never performed due diligence to determine how much it would cost to upgrade and operate, assumes tax liabilities that it claimed the state would forgive (but didn't), relocates JFS employees yet they still complain about the conditions, spends upwards of $20 million on renovations, and now wants to spend even more money to relocate other offices just because Oakhill is only "half occupied". Hey Vindy....stop drinking the koolaid and start doing some investigative reporting. The decision to purchase Oakhill was and is an economic and logistical boondoggle. Report it for what it is instead of harping on the Covelli Center which in comparison has been a great success for the city and the valley.

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YSU snaps 11-year skid against UNI Panthers

Congratulations to Coach Wolford and the team! Throughout the economic and social ups and downs of this Valley, the one institution that has continued to flourish is YSU. Current enrollment declines are largely the result of shifting unprepared students to the local community college (which is a good thing) as well as the larger economic challenges of the region (high unemployment and declining population). Tuition is still amongst the lowest in the region. People should stop complaining about YSU and praise the coaches and student-athletes for bringing pride to the Valley.

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There are no barriers to voting

To all the anti-drilling, anti-fracking, and social elitists, don't forget that we still have a Constitution that protects personal property rights. That plaza and the land where the trees were cut down is privately owned. They pay taxes on that land and have the right to do what they want within the law. And seriously...cutting down trees along the highway where storm water management was designed along with the roadway is somehow going to cause "flooding in the Poland Municipal Forest". Sounds like more unsubstantiated fear mongering by the left. If you want to protect more trees, find like minded people, raise capital, and buy land to set up an environmental sanctuary. That's your right, but don't impose your beliefs of 'right and wrong' on other property owners.

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Hagan blasts chamber for SB 5 support

Plain and simple - Hagan is an embarrassment to himself and this region. Just like Betras, Hagan\\\'s primary objective is to hear himself talk and get his name in the media. No one in Columbus takes him seriously and because of this, this region effectively has one less voice in the Ohio General Assembly. The SB5 debate locally with the Chamber is a waste of time and effort on both sides. Humphries and the Chamber need to get back to business attraction/retention and Hagan and the other officeholders should be worrying about how to balance the State\\\'s budget (here\\\'s a hint....reduce spending!).

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YSU should invest in parking

The investment in a parking structure would be a poor use of YSU\\\'s taxpayer & student funded dollars. Not that I disagree that parking is sometimes an issue, but the economics of constructing, let alone maintaining a parking deck just doesn\\\'t make sense. An elevated parking structure typically costs upwards of $30,000 per stall. A surface parking lot costs about $3,000 per stall. Given the fact that the property value in and around Youngstown is amongst the lowest in the nation and there are several empty parcels around the university, the solution - if it is determined that more parking is needed once the Lincoln Ave deck reopens - is to construct one or more surface lots.

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