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Will Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s selection as GOP vice president make you more likely or less likely to vote for U.S. Sen. John McCain for president?

She's NOT an Attorney/Professional Politician...Sen. McCain is
NOT an Attorney/Politician...they got my the VP slot?
She is Certainly a change . 60% of the members of the Senate are is 34% of House members...any wonder we have
arguing and mistrust in Washington ? Less attorneys who want to
be politicians is the change I'm looking for..

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Mayor’s talking to Wal-Mart important on several levels

Wasn't Mayor Jay to meet with the Wal Mart reps last week?
Anyone know if that happenned or is the negotiation still

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Hiring dispute delays store

it's Friday. Did Mayor Jay meet with WALMART or not? I haven't seen anything .

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Mayor’s talking to Wal-Mart important on several levels

Absolutely well said ..this may be one of the clearest editorials I've ever read in 25 years of reading the Vindy
further elaboration is not needed here..commerce, of any sort, IS needed here...the deal needs to conclude with a
new store, spawning new commerce and activity for the benefit of all .

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Leaders discuss community-cooperation benefits

I agree with Tugboat..if it's a good enough idea to appeal
to folks, let private industry know about it with the money
someone is willing to spend to determine "feasability" and then let the marketplace determine if it's feasable or not.
Seems like a procedure like that would get things moving faster or stop more money from being spent on trying to persuade private enterprise that has determined the situation may NOT be "feasable"..

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