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Police say heavily armed man planned to shoot up Ohio bar


that concept " of NEED " "bothers me and should you as well.

Who says what you NEED or I NEED....

Dangerous thought process if you think about it!

My neighbor has a giant 4 wheel drive pickup that shakes the world when he drives. I have determined he doesn't NEED it..
what now?
The other neighbor has a bunch of 4 wheelers...
I dont think he needs them
What now?

Excel makes silly comments sometimes so I think he doesnt NEED a computer ...

I hope you get the point!


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Judge Rusu announces MetroParks selection committee members

@ Attis

no double standard and no NEW state or any law needed.

The Judge has sole discretion to appoint by state law.

The method HE uses to select is his choice and decision.

He, Judge Rusu, Has chosen to use a committee to gather names and look at folks to be on the board.
Once they have a list or candidate it will be the judge that makes the FINAL decision and appoints!

why do so many want to convolute things to conspiracies and such always?

Good idea Judge and don't let all the negative from a few hundred overshadow the other thousands in the metro area that appreciate the whole park.

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7th District rules for teachers union, against Kimble in Distress Commission case

sadly, I don't see her going quietly.

After all she has made it very clear this is about power...hers!

the kids have nothing to do with this for her.

months and thousands of wasted dollars to feed her ego.

YBofE should be ashamed to support this financial waste...

Kimble YOU are (a large part) of why Youngstown has this new Oversite commission to begin with...

how do you say self serving?

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Valley Dems criticize Kasich’s record ahead of State of the State


I don't think it has anything to do with it. Fuel taxes are fuel taxes.
I live at edge of Mahoning and trumbull county and drive for work. to me I see a difference in road conditions when I get to weathersfield from atown...
weathersfield for the win!

Also was there not a recent Vindy article showing sale tax income increases of late for counties...

seldom mentioned is the extra FREE money from casinos to the county the last five years or so ...
This NEW and never existed before the casino's. it is significant yearly

For 2015, Mahoning County and Youngstown are getting $1,368,810 each in casino-tax revenues for the entire year, compared with $1,378,561 in 2014, for a decline of only $9,751

and an million or so direct to Austintown over a few years. from track...

always hear about how Kasich cut this and that but never any of the new revenue..

or the fact my income tax is now much lower so I can pay some of this new local stuff.......

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MetroParks director shares budget breakdown, plans in aftermath of dismissals


common sense you spoke.
I feel bad how everyone is insulting those still working and loving the park.

You said:
" Four park resource directors making 79000..."

the park doesn't have 4 resource directors, confused much are you. Before you accuse folks of all you are accusing at least have your FACTS correct

if you and others are spreading such bogus info you will ONLY HURT the park you profess to love.

this all seems more about personal hurt and the Riverside Gardens not the park so much

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Girard plans canoe, kayak launch in Mahoning River

Its a great spot,
folks would be be surprised what all we have areas we just drive by

the river there is perfect for launch,
it already is used somewhat now!

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Woman dies of injuries from Fowler crash, suspect in court Wednesday

Since the driver was fleeing a felony crime,
a person is permitted necessary force to apprehend the said fleeing felon.

As a registered voter in the jury pool I would say ,
punching him to stop him from escape and further injuring others was "necessary force".

Lauer is lucky ,
many folks would have gone further than necessary,
after he said "I know..."

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Mill Creek announces more dismissals, discount cuts; fallout continues


what "assumptions about people"

All I did was read a manifesto , making demands and making assumption after assumption that appears to be written by "we".

let me know because if I did and am in error I would like to correct it.

Kindly explain why you imply everything is going to just stop! no walks , no flowers, ???

My opinion is that the park will offer the services fine, lets watch and see. If they fail then do this.

you do take away the funds
Then you will get what you say you fear...


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Mill Creek announces more dismissals, discount cuts; fallout continues


Please do what you want and need to do. your first line is a fact.
after that though "we" veer a bit..

I commend your spirit, and passion.
I disagree with you completely.
but that is ok.

That is what makes this country great.
We all have the right to opinions and beliefs and to disagree,
Great isn't it.
thank a VET!

I ask as simple thing, when you write a letter or post and give your opinions please refrain from using
" WE".
Please say "I' think or "I" feel.
after all you are but 1, as am I.

unless others are signing your post with a groups name then the "we" you speak off is you.

If you can get a group together and wish to say "we, the anti progress group xyz " says.......then have at it.

It is silly otherwise to think you speak for all.

take care, good luck!

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Former Brookfield student arrested on school grounds intoxicated with weapon


I like you thoughts on this.
We tend to overdo it at times in reaction.
I do like the word "contained"...

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