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City should take into account the hazards of shale gas development

Walter_ , Agree with Walter and his opinion. I also wonder why such learned professionals need a union to voice their accomplishments to achieve merit increases and benefits. Are they hiding behind the union for protection to voice their view? (BTW not against local teachers unions)

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Steep price has been paid to guarantee right to vote

Make election day as a national holiday and everyone goes to the election sites. Only those who are documented as infirmed or in the armed services can vote absentee. No other exceptions. Problem solved.

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Romney proves his weakness

Mr. Gillette theme that we are all Americans strikes the correct tone. We are Amercians first then divided into mainstream political persuasions of Democrat and Republican. It appears the Republican party has had a coup between traditional conservative Republicans and the so called Tea Party extremist; rendering them ineffective in chosing true national candiate leaders in 2008 (due to Palin) and now 2012. In these last days of the campaign I will continue to look for a conservative and compasinate solution and then settle on the one least a burden that will keep America safe and hightens prosperity. So far none of the above does not appear on the ballot.

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There is a difference between having a job and working

Whilst the Presidential election is important let's us not forget the House and Senate pass all of our laws. The real power is there so we must be vigalant in chosing these 535. Bring back the old adage of alll elections are local. "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy."

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Communities in Ohio lack power to stop injection wells

The Ohio Revised Code (1501:9-1-04) specifies the minimun acreage requirements and depths to drill for production wells. Unfortunately these restrictions do not apply to injection wells. Whereas 40 acres are required to drill over 4,000 ft there is no such acreage requirements for injection wells. Such is the case in Trumbull County at State Route 82 and Warner Rd where a permit has been applied and pending by D & L Energy on 5 leased acres. Legislative action is needed to correct this omission. We also need reminded the state of Ohio will generate up to $100,000 per year per well (source Vindy Jan 8, 2012) based upon the in state and out of state brine disposal tax fees for 9,000 ft wells. These tax fees are currently being used to upgrade ODNR well inspections.

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$30 million to form investment hub in Youngstown

DwightK - look into DDD and SSYS; especially their home page. These are the leaders in this new and innovated industry. I have been following for over a year, and invested accordingly; since reading the 2/10/2011 edition of The Economist (available on line by Googling). This is not a blimp or indoor racing idea. They already make parts for aerospace, health care, auto, rapid prototype models etc. I would welcome the Vindy to do a full research on 3D printing to inform all.

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Hubbard Council supports effort for joint police force

Brookfield is placing a 1 mill safety forces levy - to be split equally between fire and police - (which I support) on the November ballot. If this goes throught what happens to levy monies the police will get. This could endanger the levy passing. Also why was Vienna not included in this study as they share borders and Hubbard city does not.

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Brookfield schools plan 1 percent income tax levy

The notation that seniors would not be paying the income tax is only true if you file single with a AGI (Adjusted Gross Earnings) below $25,000 and those earnings come from social security and other combined income (pension, interest, dividends, IRA/401(k) distributions). However if you are a senior and file with combined earnings of $25,000 to $34,000 you pay tax on 50% of your social security and if over $34,000 you pay tax on 85% of your social security. (a joint return and the numbers are $34,000 to $44,000 tax on 50% on social security earnings and if over $44,000 you pay tax on 85%) Brookfield pays 51.85 mills for school taxes currently. The 1% income tax was adopted instead of adding 9.13 mills. I encourage homeowners to be sure they have filed the Homestead Exception credit for seniors over 65 with the Trumbull Auditor. Hopefully more information will be available as to the rationale of wage taxing residents and having non-residents workers excluded (Google PDF Guide to Ohio’s School District Income Tax) vs having all resident and corporation property subject to the additional mills.

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Why the YSU-OEA blinked

Interesting observation that would merit a reason why: "It is instructive that most faculty around the country are represented by the American Association of University Professors.........Yet, their union is mostly made up of school teachers." Anyone care to enlighten?

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Do you support the efforts of Occupy Wall Street?

Sounds like some here have been drinking the protest koolaid and need an optirectomy. Just where do the occupiers expect their home mortage, auto loan or educational loans/grants will come: Financial companies. If the agrument is Dem's or Republicans or Tea Party support or get your slate of candidates to run on election day; and of course vote. Just remember like your Facebook pages having your name in the paper or being seen on TV voicing your oposition against the establishment may encouratge a future employeer hire the next person. Recommded reading is "Who Moved My Cheese".

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