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Struthers moves forward with drug testing

Urine drug test cost less but only records drug usage for up to 4 days use. Hair testing cost much more but can record usage up to 3 - 6 months after usage. Where the safety of others is concerned hair testing should be used.

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Struthers moves forward with drug testing

All schools should move further than just athletes. Random drug testing should be made for all students and not just who are suspected of drug use. The superintendent and teachers should volunteer annually to have theirs and set an example. Remember drug testing is a requirement for most jobs today and does not violate civil liberties.

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GOP leaders must fast-track bills to deter waste dumping

It appears the gentleman Senator LaRose, who represents part of Stark and Wayne counties, may be concerned more with his 2014 re-election. As a newly elected Senator in 2011 he may be focused on campaign contributions rather than serving the State. Hopefully GOP leadership will trump his freshman leadership tactics. It is important to support responsible gas harvesting while ensuring owners such as Lupo are treated as felons for their greed. Lupo is no longer welcomed in this valley and his attorneys may be from the 27th district represented by LaRose.

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A fantastic week energizes GM for autonomy, growth

Silence is correct that billions, estimated at $10 to $20 billion, will be lost by the Bush and Obama presidential actions. Just consider this monies put into new overseas plants that the US taxpayers built. Of course all profits overseas will remain there due to US taxation issues of returned monies. The government enabled GM to be unsavory business leaders. That said, we are pleased our local economy is participating in the wages of the recovery.

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Did Bishop George V. Murry make the right decision to keep Cardinal Mooney High School in Youngstown?

Obviously the Bishop wishes to do missionary work in the inner city and promote his legacy. The Bishop has received his 30 pieces of silver from the city to save $80,000 in income tax monies. Considering only 200 seniors graduated from Youngstown public schools maybe the master plan is to purchase one of Youngstowns new schools.

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Here’s proof that your one vote truly can make a difference

Last fall the Board members said the 1% income tax levy on residents would equal 9.13 mills on property tax. I supported this mill increase but suggest the Board respond why 4.85 mills vs the 9.13 mills the 1% income tax levy was to replicate. Will they be coming after another levy? Of course the alternative is to merge with Vienna that does not have a new school. Brookfield schools panders to the newspaper in Pa. with limited ongoing information reported to the local two Ohio newspapers. Many older and elderly residents may not have known much about this levy outside of school parents. Finally, had they tried to pass an income tax based upon "earned income tax base" vs what they tried to slide in of a "traditional tax base" that taxes income including pension, IRA distributiions, interest and dividends (social security excluded) the previous levy may have passed.

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Do you patronize downtown Youngstown eateries at night?

Certain areas of downtown Youngstown may be safe but you must drive through the crime/war zones to get there. Always go in a group if going to Covelli, symphony or eateries and if licensed take you cancelled weapon.

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D&L Energy files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

The Chapter 11 should be a Chapter 7 - complete liquidation of all his holdings. Noteworthy Hardrock -who he directed employees to dump is not mentioned. ODNR should prohibit for life any permits for Lupo's active or silent endeavors. He has shown special disregard for Salt Water Injection wells and disposal. He is no longer welcomed in this valley and should leave. This goes beyond business but lacking in personal ethics. A IRS audit would also seem appropriate; beyond a felony conviction.

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Did dumping in Youngstown affect water in Beaver Falls?

It looks like Pennsylvania is getting its brine waste water back after trucking it to Ohio. A pyrrhic victory for Ohioans. Also shows why the federal EPA needs to prosecute Lupo.

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ODNR mum for now on Jackson Twp. well

YSU geologist appear to being doing more harm with their extremist positions. Academia geologist v.s. practicing geologist. ODNR wants to avoid the hysterics and combative antics of their positions. They would be further ahead addressing the Salt Water Injections Wells rather then all natural gas harvesting. Deep SWIW's can be done on as little as 5 acres as opposed to 40 needed for a harvesting deep well gas. Neighbors around 82 and Warner campaigned against a permit (D & L Energy application since vacated but can now be sold to another entity) for a SWIW in a residential area where no public water exists and has seen seismic activity. We rejected the geologist expertise as neighbors don't want to be put in the same extremist category. ODNR was receptive to concerns as we did so in a professional manner. Facts against SWIW's will be used if this lease is sold. (As a sidebar ODNR will receive $10,500 PER DAY for each SWIW that goes only to ODNR). The harvesting of natural gas is an important component of re-vitalization of this area. Their positions jeopardizes legitimate issues.

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