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The Bull gets loose in country radio

Youngstown needed another country station, like they needed another hole in the head. There's already two, did we really needed a third? And you can't even call what they play "country". It's nothing more than pop music with a banjo track laid down on it.

Bad move, iHeart Radio. If you go read all of the negative comments on the Bull page on the iHeart Radio site, you'll see that many people in the area do NOT welcome this change.

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Legendary KISS to play Covelli Aug. 26

You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!!

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Former OSU football standout Troy Smith arrested on DUI, marijuana charges

Wow, does it ever end with these guys? Was Maurice in the car with him, too?

"You’ll be proud of our young men in the classroom, you'll be proud of them in the community. But most of all, you’ll be proud of our young men on the playing field." - St. Tressel

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Once a bear, always a bear...

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President Tressel or Gov. Tressel?

Tressel's 5 year coaching ban for lying to the NCAA about his cheating expired December 19, 2016. Some desperate program who is willing to win at any cost will be calling soon.

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PUSKAS: Cold offense, hot Pelini combine to hurt YSU

St Tressel's 5 year coaching ban will expire in December. It's not too early to start talk about having him replace Bo, is it?

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Man accused of striking neighbor over dog dispute

Where is all of the public outcry and sympathy for Michael Lisko? Why isn't a 'JusticeForMichael' website up yet? Oh that's right, he's just a human that was attacked. Silly me.

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Americans’ perceptions of mobile phone etiquette

People joke about a possible Zombie Apocalypse, but it’s already happened. Take a look around. People can’t do ANYTHING without their phones being constantly in their face. They can’t think for themselves or make a single decision without first consulting their phone. Go to the mall, take a walk at the park, even driving down the road, there they are, phone in hand, head down, being led around by their electronic brain. The Zombies are here and they walk among us.

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Maurice Clarett to headline Christian men's 2015 "Rally in the Valley" at Covelli

Chessiedad - If you go back and actually read the Bible, take note of all the people with bad backgrounds and questionable characters that God used to spread his word and do his work. Mo is a great fit for the job that God has him doing right now. People can and do change.

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Tressel wins yet another title: Hall of Famer

The guy is still banned from coaching and he's elected to the HOF??? This has gotta be a first.

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