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4 bedroom, 7 bath


5 bedroom, 6 bath

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Comment history

Crowd turns out for Jim Tressel’s presidential installation

"accused of withholding information from university officials and NCAA investigators"? Let me refresh your memory, Denise. Not only was he "accused", but he was found guilty and banned from coaching for 5 years.

The guy is a liar and a cheater. IMPEACH NOW!

August 19, 2014 at 8:34 a.m. suggest removal

There are financial penalties if he leaves YSU early

How soon until St Tressel names Maurice Executive Vice President for Student Success? His brother, Dick Tressel, will be the obvious choice to head up the Student Employment department. Jim Bollman will oversee Student Car Loans. He'll also need to bring Andy Geiger on board, too, to help sweep everything under the carpet.

May 13, 2014 at 3:33 p.m. suggest removal

There are financial penalties if he leaves YSU early

"He broke no laws..." Oh really? In the eyes of the NCAA he did. He knowingly allowed ineligible players to play for an entire season. Failure to disclose potential violations is considered 'cheating'. Tressel violated NCAA bylaw 10.1 -- Unethical Conduct, one of the cornerstones of NCAA rulebook -- three times: first by failing to act when tipped off about the tattoo scandal; again, by signing a standard form given to all coaches declaring that he knew of no violations; and then, during the NCAA investigation, by not being forthcoming with school officials.

If Tressel really did not break any laws, then why did tO$U have to vacate all wins for the 2010 football regular season, including the 2010 Big Ten Conference co-championship and participation in the 2011 Sugar Bowl? Why were they banned from the postseason of the 2012 football season? Why are they still under probation until Dec 2014? And why, if Tressel did not break any laws, was he forced to “retire” and banned from coaching for 5 years?

Now, St. Tressel returns to YSU, where he honed his craft of turning the blind eye from any player wrong doings, like Ray Isaac. While at tOSU, his Sgt. Schultz “I know nothing” shtick was used over and over again, as he pleaded ignorance in 2002 when Maurice Clarett was driving around town in free cars, in 2004 when Troy Smith was taking money from a booster and in 2010 when the Tat Five were cashing in their trinkets for tats and cars. Yet, YSU and tO$U fans are still buying into his Eagle scout act.

Let's just hope, for the sake of YSU's future, that his presidential reign will be nothing like his coaching ethics.

May 13, 2014 at 10:57 a.m. suggest removal

Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job

@YSUguins - I'd ask you what degree you earned at YSU, but it's obvious that it was journalism and this is your attempt to re-write history. Fell on the sword? Please. He only 'confessed' after the evidence was undisputable that he lied more than once to protect the kids. And really, who was he trying to protect at this stage of the game, the kids or his own back? My #11 post in this thread speaks for my reasons to be an embarassed YSU grad.

Billdog1 hit the nail on the head. What message does this send, other than it's OK to win at all costs, wheter you need to lie and a cheat, as long as you win on the playing field, then all is forgiven?

If anyone else needs to refresh their memories of St Tressel, as many tO$U fans seem to have their own edited versions of history, check out these gems:


May 12, 2014 at 9:39 a.m. suggest removal

Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job

A sad and embarrassing day to be a YSU grad.

May 9, 2014 at 9:15 a.m. suggest removal

Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job

Let's see...

- Well documented history of lying and cheating - CHECK
- Sanctioned for Lack of Institutional Control while at YSU - CHECK
- 3 NCAA investigations while at tOSU, two of which led to the program being put on probation - CHECK
- Currently banned from coaching division 1-A football - CHECK
- Absolutely ZERO experience at being a university president - CHECK

Meet your new president - St Tressel

May 9, 2014 at 9:02 a.m. suggest removal

Is Jim Tressel qualified to be YSU president?

Columbus + Akron + Youngstown = The Bermuda Triangle of ignorance in OH-IO.

May 2, 2014 at 8:46 a.m. suggest removal

Watch Jim Tressel to speak at UA forum

Columbus + Akron + Youngstown = The Bermuda Triangle of ignorance in OH-IO.

May 2, 2014 at 8:35 a.m. suggest removal

Time to join the Tressel juggernaut?

To answer your question, Bert: "Emphatically no!"

Tattoogate was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's (and OSU's) back. Let's not forget that tOSU was investigated a total of THREE times by the NCAA, while St. Tressel was at the helm - two of which led to the program being put on probation for 3 years each, March 2006 - March 2009 (Troy Smith $500 handshake) and Dec 2011 – Dec 2014 (Tattoogate) .

What I still can't understand is how nothing came out of the first investigation involving Maurice Clarett. Especially now that we know that Maurice was telling the truth all along, when he blew the whistle to ESPN in 2004. The no-show jobs provided by Dick Tressel, the cars deals that Tressel and his staff provided, the cash for playing video games with boosters kids, the preferential treatment in the classrooms, everything that he said was going on was ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Yet, he was made out to be a liar and a scape goat.

To this day, I believe that St Tressel and Andy Geiger made a deal with the NCAA to roll over on Mo in exchange for them being allowed to keep their National Championship. Think about it, the NCAA investigated tOSU 3 times during St Tressels reign and this is the only one where they didn't find anything and no penalties or probation was levied? They had a first-hand account, a confession, if you will, telling them everything that was going on in the bowels of one of the dirtiest programs this century, and tOSU got off scott free. Meanwhile, Mo took the fall.

This should be the subject for you next editorial, Bert: "The Vindication of Maurice Clarett".

April 28, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. suggest removal

33 people seek YSU presidency so far

@walter - I point to the many issues with the football programs at tOSU and YSU, because that is the bulk of his resume - a football coach, not a college president. As a potential employer, YSU should be looking at his past work experience, should they not?

Let's go back to the time when Tressel was hired at tOSU. OSU had endured 13 years of John Cooper at coach. During the Cooper era, there were 20 players arrested. The university was tired of his lack of discipline, as much as they were by getting beat by Michigan every year. Then, as if taken from a scene out of an old Hollywood western, Jim Tressel rode in to Columbus on a white horse of all that was pure and good, to exercise Ohio State of all its inequities. There was a new sheriff in town and he meant business. Touting that pride would reign supreme in the classroom, in the community, and on the playing field, ole Sweater Vest was welcomed to Ohio State like St. Patrick arriving in Ireland.

In 13 years, there were 20 of John Cooper's players arrested.
In 10 years, there were 34 of Jim Tressel's players arrested.

The very problem that he set out to fix, when he waggled his finger at the crowd in St John's arena upon becoming coach and uttered these words: "I can assure you that you will be proud of our young people, in the classroom, in the community, and most especially on the football field.", he failed miserably at 2 of the 3. But hey, winning makes up for that, right? Just win and all is forgiven, but only to those who wear the scarlet and grey colored glasses.

Players getting arrested have nothing to do with self reporting and everything to do with character, discipline and integrity. Self reporting has become nothing more than an out for programs that are already in trouble, to lessen their punishment. tOSU only self reported about the Tat-5 a year after St Tressel already knew that the players were ineligible, but still played them the entire season, and then lied about it.

To show how meaningless self reporting is, the Columbus Dispatch ran an article that shows since 2000, Ohio State has reported to the NCAA more than 375 violations -- the most of any of the 69 Football Bowl Subdivision chools: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/...

April 15, 2014 at 11:42 a.m. suggest removal



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