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Halo one of injured strays who get little care

Why should it be left up to non-profit, privately run rescues to pick up all these expensive vet bills? Would it really kill these vet clinics to cut them a break on the price? There should also be an organization in place that is publicly funded to help pay the bills. For instance, why is it that the Mahoning County Dog Pound can operate without providing any vet care to the dogs in its care? If a rescue did that the people would be thrown in jail. Something needs to be done now to help the animals that are taken to this shelter. Maybe the salaries of the politicians should be cut so the shelter can give the animals the care they deserve. Just a thought.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Werecat--I think you might have finally silenced Leo or whatever name this person is going by these days. I want to let you know that I am deeply saddened by what happened to your organization and those poor cats. Leo is obviously a very ignorant person who has no idea what she (I'm guessing its a woman.) is talking about. She has no right to accuse someone of being lazy. As I told her before if she thinks she can do it better then she better get to it. Helping 100 cats in 25 years isn't much of an accomplishment.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Well if things were so bad then why weren't they shut down for good? I think you're overexaggerating just a tad about the conditions there. As for Amoxicillin being a cure all for everything that shows exactly how little you know about cats and cat illnesses. It's probably the least effective drug and you'd know that if you had any real experience doing rescue. As far as accusing me of being overly critical, I suggest you read your own posts. If you know so much about cats, then I suggest you stop complaining about the Cat Ladies' Society and start your own rescue. Maybe then you'll have a clue about what you're talking about. It's funny how we completely got off the subject of Animal Charities and their mistreatment of that poor kitten. If you gave a rat's behind about animals I think you'd be more concerned about how they operate their shelter. I can't reveal my sources but I've heard alot of terrible things about that place and this was long before the Cat Ladies' fiasco.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Mariposa--I was just thinking about what you said again. Do you really think that $10,000 is alot of money? Seriously, how long do you think that amount of money is going to last? I assume they (Cat Ladies) paid rent and utilities, bought food and litter, plus spayed or neutered the cats, tested them for FIV/FeLV, etc. I'm sure they did take the cats to the vet. One trip to the vet can easily cost between $100 and $200 and that's for something simple. Even getting a cat's vaccinations updated can cost over $50. $10,000 is nothing compared to what some of the other shelters in Mahoning County receive. I really think you're clueless and have some kind of personal vendetta against these people.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

So all of the cats at the Cat Ladies Society were either dead or dying? On the video footage I saw of the raid the cats looked pretty healthy. Why don't give us the names of these "real shelters" so we can check them out? I would love to know the names of these places, the ones who actually treat sick cats and don't destroy them immediately.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Leo--FYI--I've had experience with all of the shelters in Pittsburgh. As a matter of fact I know some people who have worked at those places. Guess what, they all have problems with upper respitory infections with cats. Years ago I adopted a cat from one of those shelters. Three days after I got her she had to go to the vet because she got very ill. She had to be hospitalized for two days. Do you think I blamed them? Of course not. As a matter of fact when I adopted the cat they sent home a paper with me saying that the cat could be incubating an illness and it should be quarantined from other animals upon arrival at my home.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

I apologize for what I said and commend you for what you do. I do however have to say that the spay/neuter clinics I use are less expensive than Animal Charities. I don't live too far from Youngstown but I have access to some other programs that are more reasonable. The vets I use for things other than spaying and neutering are not the cheapest but one clinic in particular is fantastic as far as the services they offer and their expertise. I think it's worth the extra money. I totally agree with you that all animals cannot be saved. I've had my share euthanized when there is no hope at recovery. People have brought me cats that have been hit by cars, ones that have been mutilated beyond repair by dogs, animals in renal failure, liver failure, etc., etc. I always have my vet help me make the right decision. Rescue is not the answer to the problem, spaying and neutering is the solution. Yes, there needs to be kill shelters because it's just not possible for everyone to be no-kill (I really don't like that term because it's not possible to never have to euthanize an animal.) It is important that we all work together to make a change. We might not all agree on how things should be done but we need to put our egos aside for the sake of the animals.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Just for your INFORMATION, I am involved in rescue and I spend plenty of my own time and money on stray animals. You have some room to talk, what the h*ll have you done to help them? I am at the vet's office on a weekly basis, I've taken hundreds of animals to be spayed/neutered, etc. I sure as heck can't help all of the homeless animals but I've done my best to spay and neuter as many as possible. Any animal that comes into my care is treated as if it's one of my own. I sure wouldn't kill an animal because it has an ear infection, demodectic mange or a mild case of upper respitory. That my dear is not rescue, it's called being an exterminator. As far as Animal Charities is concerned, just how much vet work do they provide for their foster animals? Are all the animals at their shelter spayed or neutered, vaccinated on arrival, dewormed, treated for fleas and tested for things like FeLV/FIV or heartworms? I have to add that I have a hard time believing that you even like cats (or dogs for that matter). Maybe it would make you feel better if they were all eradicated. You do know that some "diseased" animals can completely recover and go on to live a normal, happy life. If a rescue or person decides they want to take in an animal with some sort of ailment then that is their choice. At least they're doing something to help which is more than I can say for you.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Leo--You're the one that's a fraud. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that this person never answers a question. I ASSUME that you either work at Animal Charities, you're one of those PETA nuts or someone at CLS ticked you off. Maybe they denied adopting a cat to you because you're a bad home. This does not change the fact that Animal Charities is corrupt. BTW--I have nothing to do with the Cat Ladies Society.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Leo--I don't know much about Second Chance Animal Rescue but I have heard alot (and I mean alot) of complaints about Angels for Animals. This no-kill facility is euthanasia happy. Dogs and cats are pts for something as simple as an ear infection. Is this acceptable to you? I guess since they have a fancy shelter all is right with the world. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Answer this for me, why hasn't another humane agency come in and raided Animal Charities? They've received more complaints than any other rescue or shelter. And as far as that poor kitten is concerned, people love a sad story. If that kitten would have been allowed to live it most likely would have been adopted. As I said before, I don't buy the bs.

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