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BillieRay (anonymous) says...

Well, it may be true that my male gender is both generally more selfish and chicken than yours. And no man wants to be told he is shooting blanks. Our egos are pretty fragile. Guys like to act tough but we are scared of doctors and hospitals. But most of all there is a valid fear of not being able to sexually perform after the procedure. Some men develop erectile dysfunction and lower testosterone levels after a vasectomy. I have one friend whose wife cheated on him and left him because he could no longer perform in bed after having it done. That’s not a old wives tale if you actually research it. Here is some data from a doctor :

Erectile dysfunction after vasectomy has been reported, primarily in men who develop chronic pain after vasectomy. It is always written off as psychological adding insult to injury. Post vasectomy testicular pain or pain from sperm granulomas mix the pleasure of sex with pain. You can see how this could affect libido, orgasm, or erection.

In addition, Vasectomy causes testicular damage over time and this has been shown in no less than five biopsy proven medical studies.

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