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John Birch Society makes a comeback

All you have accomplished Ernie is to show anyone who may someday read this how disconnected you are from reality and that something has made you very very bitter over the JBS (which for some reason you refuse to explain). You cite one 50 year old phrase out of context from the deceased founder of the group (acting as if everyone in JBS considered him to be Jesus or something) and a score card clearly showing how they decide which votes violate or not the clear language of the Constitution (I would recommend that everyone read the Freedom Index also and see how their Congressmen are voting and whether they agree with the ranking process!) and you come to conclusions that are soooo asinine that you discredit anything else you have said and almost appear to be a caricature of a JBS critic.

Anybody who is interested I would suggest to them going to a JBS meeting to see how it goes. If you think these are groups of people working to establish dictatorships, OK :) Come back and report it here. If you think, like me, that these are patriots trying to restore the Constitution, promote individual liberty, honor God and network with fine upstanding people, great! Most of what we do is read the bulletin, write a letter to our Reps, maybe watch a video and then have a discussion for a little while afterward. I also sometimes take information to my state and US reps to educate them on things on find important.

I'm also glad to read in this article despite its obvious bias (and reliance on SPLC - lol!) that the JBS is making a comeback! This is precisely what America needs. More freedom, less government, and with God's help, a better world!

God bless America!

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

I was actually planning to answer your remarks one by one after the first post (you never answered mine), but after I read the last one I firmly believe you have gone off your rocker and your strategy is just to make absurd amounts of wild and in my opinion crazy remarks hoping people will finally get tired of reading your bs. You think if people believed in less government more freedom and with God's help a better world there would be a dictatorship? Ok.. lol. Bye Ernie. I hope you find something to do with your life.

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

Just thought I'd list a few more giants in the conservative movement who I have great respect for that have worked with and/or publicly supported and/or been members of JBS:

Murray Rothbard
Lew Rockwell
Alex Jones
Glenn Beck
Phyllis Schlafly
Jerome Corsi
Rep. Larry McDonald
etc etc.

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

I should also point out to be fair to you that it is unlikely that you could persuade me to stop supporting the JBS. I have agreed fully with every letter writing campaign they have asked me to participate in, I enjoy the company of great people, I support their goals etc etc. Out of curiosity and to get a better understanding of where you are coming from, what the JBS do to get you on this mission?
Speaking of great conservatives in our country who have also supported the JBS, how about former Agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson? Why would you lie and claim that "every major conservative politician and activist and intellectual in our country." It really calls into question everything else you say.

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

Ernie: I agree that both Clinton and Carter should have been impeached for treason. They violated their oath of office to support the Constitution, which is clearly written. If they did not like it they should have pushed to have it amended.

"It is not just what FBI investigative files show. It also is the fact that every major conservative politician and activist and intellectual in our country has rejected the bizarre and mean-spirited JBS analyses and conclusions plus their analytical processes."

That is false and for somebody claiming to be an expert you really exposed a great deal of influence. Ron Paul, Ludwig von Mises, two of my personal heroes, and many other greats have expressed support and/or worked with the JBS.

" In fact, as previously stated, it continues to publish the same arguments that it did 5 decades ago!"

It has principles, as do I.

"What would happen to ANY American whom the JBS has previously described as a "Communist", or as a "Comsymp" or as "an agent" of the Communist Party?"

I can't answer for the JBS or Robert Welch, but in my opinion, anybody who would seek to enslave other people through unconstitutional government can believe whatever they want but should be kept away from power or at least be prevented from instituting tyranny by the chains of the Constitution as that document requires and as the Founding Fathers intended.

Regarding the interview with Canwell, are you suggesting that /you/ believe Welch was a communist or international socialist? Really? I did a quick google search and saw that you copied and pasted that whole segment from other posts you have made. What was the history behind it though? Why and how did Canwell and Welch have a falling out? A historical researcher (as you claim to be despite your obvious bias) would certainly include that information to allow people to come to their own informed conclusion.

Finally I noticed that you conveniently avoided addressing any of my questions. Anything more recent? Why reason why I should not support an organization running campaigns that I wholeheartedly support? Very brief answers will suffice. Please no more of this copying and pasting 10 pages worth of irrelevant material.

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

Ernie, my point is that if applied to other situations, your argument would have logical implications that I think would make people take what you are saying with a grain of salt. Take the Founding Fathers of America as examples. Some of them believed it was OK to own slaves. Obviously that was wrong. Does that mean we should abolish the US government and spend our time trashing the Founding Fathers and everything they did in the comments sections of news articles?

What were your specific problems with the Politician? I have read the book and found it to be very interesting, informative and well sourced. Even if Welch made a mistake or two or even three in the 60s or 70s that was later revealed to be a mistake after his death, does that mean we must dismiss everything he did? Does that mean the JBS needs to publicly trumpet the fact that its founder may have made a mistake or an incorrect estimate (based on the FBIs information which despite Welch's support for them I still take with a grain of salt) from the rooftops to satisfy you? I do not think so.

I repeat my question again: Do you have anything more recent on the JBS? All of the campaigns they are involved with right now I support wholeheartedly because I support the Constitution, American sovereignty, self government at the local level as much as possible and the exposing of people who work to destroy all of that which I hold dear. If you have any specific reason why I should not support those goals, please say so.

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

Ernie, out of curiosity, do you have any more recent beef with the JBS? Anything from this millennium perhaps?
I was too young to be around during almost everything you have cited but I would be interested to know about more recent history.
I know the chapter leader in my area is one of the finest men I have had the pleasure of meeting, I have never found an error in their affiliated magazine that was not immediately corrected and all of the campaigns JBS is working on now I agree with wholeheartedly.

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

I have no problem with anything I know of that Welch has said. If one looks at the ten planks of the communist manifesto (central bank, progressive income tax, government education) it is fairly clear that those insidious goals are now firmly established in our nation. Welch believed based on a vast body of evidence that communism was just one arm of a conspiracy to create a dictatorial world government. The truth and wisdom of his warnings is becoming more evident every day. If anyone is interested in learning more about the JBS, check out their website or a great magazine affiliated with them Since I have been a subscriber for the last 3 years I have found it to be the single best source of current and accurate information for patriots.

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

Here is a 9 minute excerpt from a speech by JBS founder Robert Welch in 1974 and in part of it he quotes from a speech he made in in 1958:

You can judge for yourselves if he was on target or not (virtually every prediction he made has come true exactly), and whether you agree with his ideas of less government, more freedom and with God's help a better world. I do, so once again, I intend to keep supporting JBS.

Get US out of the UN!
Restore the Constitution!
End the illegal wars!
Restore honest money!
Support your local police and keep them independent!
etc etc etc.

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John Birch Society makes a comeback

Anybody who is interested in JBS and is not very familiar with it ought to just check out their website to find out for themselves what it is about:

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