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@ moneymoney

Are you saying there's something wrong with a) having a navel piercing, b) owning/riding an ATV, and/or c) being a high school dropout?

You are shallow (as evidenced by your screen name).

And if you want to talk about bloody images of babies (instead of mutilated DOLLS), go talk to your local parish about the disgusting images of aborted fetuses that they post for all to see. Those are real. These are just toys.

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Get a life. Worry about what YOU are doing rather than someone else. Halloween is morbid. Deal with it. What about all the gravestones in people's yards? Don't you think that "bloody baby corpses" might be buried under some of those? It's gits like you that suck the fun out of life. We need reasons to celebrate, and not everyone celebrates the same way. Should I come over and tell you that from now on, you can only have tofu on Thanksgiving?


What a fun display! Being all the way in Montana, I hope you don't mind if I use some of your ideas for my spooky graveyard! Have a great Halloween!

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