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Hagan would raise tax on oil, gas drilling

Does Bob want to stop all drilling or does he want to raise taxes on them,,,,Not sure where he stands,

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Youngstown BOE approves tax abatement for Federal Bldg.

Wow! They went from giving tax breaks to projects like Salt Springs Road and VM. Which employees 1000 of people and bring in millions to to our area - to handing tax breaks out like candy. Wonder what the job creation for this project will be.

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Ditzler: Racino can attract new restaurants, hotels, veterinary centers

Low blow on the city..... Forward thinking could be all the industrial parks the city has as well as V&M? Austintown has enough problems already. Enough drugs and prostitution to go around.....anything is good for the valley but to say city guy made that comment was a little classless. Considering its the only place REAL economic development has taken place?

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Officials lead school safety roundtable for area educators

Senator Schiavoni should worry about funding the schools ......Or he will spend his whole career accomplishing little to nothing - as his other fellow State Officials = from our area have been so good at .

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Poland schools beef up security

Edge ....... How do you know they are not hiring another officer? You talk like you have some inside scoop. Let us in on it.

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Poland schools beef up security

It's nice to see school boards and Trustees working together for their community. Not like that in every community. It is not like that in mine.

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What will Sammarone do?

Chuck is retired allready. So whoever is writing all this do your homework .Retired under STRS while back.

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Campbell has new acting police chief

Soup City should be ashamed of themselves. They have hard working citizens who are good middle class people and they are paying for a guy who has had a terrible work record - to sit home and do nothing. Then they give the job to his clone. Tough pill to swollow.

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Bengals clinch playoff berth in defeat of Steelers 13-10

Steelers need to do some offseason soul searching. They havent been the same since Big Ben forced himself on those young girls.

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Mayor Sammarone says Covelli Centre is ‘not an anchor for downtown’

The bottom line is Chuck is right on this time....The Voinovich Center and The BWC was the start and cornerstone of all Downtown Development. Most people don't even know its there and how hard the city fought to get it. Chuck was part of it.

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